How To Disable Sharing And Commenting On Your New Google+ Posts

If you are a Google+ user then you may have missed some important news yesterday, namely that Google have added a new feature to their social networking site. This simple new feature allows users to disable sharing and commenting on their posts before they publish them.

As I said, it is a very small and simple change, but it is one that valuers of privacy may very well appreciate.

So how do you take advantage of this new feature then?

How To Disable Sharing And Commenting On Your New Google+ Posts

Well, it really is quite easy.

Once you have signed into Google+ you need to click on the Share box (#1 above). Next you need to click on the small arrow icon (#2 in the image above). Lastly, you need to choose one or both out of the two options presented (#3 above), namely disabling comments and/or locking the post.

When choosing either of those two options Google offers a brief explanation so that you know what exactly it is you are doing:

disabling commentsWith disabling comments the text reads, “When you disable comments on a post, other people will no longer be able to leave comments (but they can still +1 and reshare it)”.

locking postsAnd with locking a post the text is, “When you lock a post, people you’ve shared your post with will no longer be able to reshare it with others or mention people you haven’t shared it with”.

Previously, these security options were only available after a post was published and not before, leaving a small window of vulnerability. Now users can lock down their posts before or after sending them.

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