How To Create Easy Backups With Genie Timeline Free 2012

Do you need to backup your data? Of course you do!

Thats why you should consider software such as Genie Timeline 2012.


This backup software comes in a few different configurations, two of which have to be paid for and one that is free. Today I’m looking at the free version which has far less features than it’s bigger brothers but it still does a good job nonetheless.


To get started you will need to visit the Genie9 page from which you can commence the download.

Click on the Free Download button (as seen in the first image above) and the setup program will be downloaded to your computer. Open this file and choose Run if the security box appears.

Now setup will run and you just need to follow the simple instructions to get up and running.


When setup is complete you will be able to run the program proper. You’ll find it is very simple to use and also you might notice it has more than a passing resemblance to the metro look of the upcoming Windows 8!


When you get going you will follow so very easy on screen instructions. At the end of each stage you need to click on the arrow found in the bottom right corner of the screen.

The first thing to do is choose which drive you will use to store your backups on. This can be an internal or external drive or USB stick. If you wish to backup to a device not currently connected then you can plug it in now and you’ll be good to go.


Once you’ve decided upon a backup destination the next step is to choose what exactly it is you want to create a copy of.


By default the program will choose everything but you can easily toggle this on or off by using the Select All or Clear All buttons at the bottom and then ticking each of the above areas individually as per your own requirements.


Once you’ve decided what to back up press the arrow in the bottom right of the screen to proceed. You’ll now see the message above which informs you that you are done.

Click the tick to go to the next screen:


Here you will a blue bar at the top showing the how far done the backup is. When the backup is complete it will change to the green bar you see above which informs you that your backup is 100% complete.

From this screen you will now be able to restore backups that you previously saved, manage said backups and use a few other tools.

Also, if you look at the very bottom of the screen you will see a status bar for the device you chose to save the backups to. It will indicate how much free space is still available and what kind of data you have already saved there.

Overall I was quite impressed with this program. Obviously it is quite limited in comparison with the paid alternatives but it does offer a great looking and simple to use interface for those of you who are looking for a simple and free backup solution.

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  1. Very useful information you posted here about data backups, this tool looks like it may be of use to me, thanks

  2. It’ sound really good that gennie timeline professional helps to recover our deleted files.many peoples face a problem to delete a files from gennie timeline software helps us to restore and backup our deleted data.

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    Well it seem very good and for me backing up files through online is really what i need thanks for sharing.

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    Online backup is useful to everyone! From a novice user to a professional or a business. Our data are also valuable and it would be frustrating to loose them.

  5. Natalie Brock says:

    I am always ensuring my data is backed up. I haven’t heard of Genie Timeline Professional, but it looks interesting from what I can see on their website. I’ll have to check it out.

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    Hi, i have tried genie Timeline Professional and found it is great tool for backup, I also found that service of genie Timeline Professional is Awesome.

  7. Great software! Thanks for posting this Lee

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