How To Block Web Sites With Google’s Chrome Browser

If you are a user of Google’s Chrome web browser and want to block certain web sites then your best option is to do so via an extension. If you are not particularly tech savvy then this may sound a little daunting but it is actually quite easy to do.

1. Firstly, you will need to head over to the Chrome web store to get Website Blocker (beta). When you land on that page you’ll see something like the image below. Click where it says Add to Chrome.


website blocker extension

2. Once the extension has been added you will need to click on the Wrench icon which you will see in the top right hand corner of your Chrome browser. This will open a small window from which you will want to choose the Tools option. This will lead to another pane from which you will click on Extensions.


3. Now you will see a list of all the extensions that you currently have installed in your Chrome browser. You can disable and uninstall anything you want here but for this tutorial you will of course want to be configuring the website blocker so click on Options.

choose website blocker options

4. Now you will see the screen I’ve depicted below. The image has come out a bit squashed but hopefully you can see the Input: window which I’ve highlighted. Here is where you enter the URL of the web site you wish to block. (I’m not suggesting you need to block the BBC of course, I’m merely using it as an example!)

After entering the URL(s) of the site(s) you wish to block, click on the Save button.

enter URL to block

5. Now you will want to test that the blocker is working so try entering the web address of one of the pages you have blocked. If you have done everything correctly then you should see something like this:

website blocked

If you ever block a web site by mistake then do not┬ádespair. just go back to point #4 above and delete the URL from the Input: box and click on Save again. You’ll now be able to access that site once again.

Of course this won’t stop any determined kids you may have from accessing sites you may not wish them to see but it is a good tool to prevent small children and others who have little computer knowledge from accessing the sites of your choosing.

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