How to be Successful in Love With Russian Ladies

I thought I’d try out one of the dating sites where Russian ladies are looking for love (not money or visas… honest!) to see what sort of responses I’d get and whether or not they were proliferated by scammers.

Here’s the profile I entered for myself (I know, my sense of humour is warped!).

I wonder if anyone on this dating site will want to marry me now?!?

The following information is available for the ladies to view.

Alias Jack Hov
Country United Kingdom
State (if USA)
Age 26
Height(cm) 181
Weight(kg) 67
Hair color None
Color of eyes Red
Religion Money
Children No Children
Children Details
Education level Professor
Job or profession Gigolo
Hobbies and interests Running up huge credit card bills, spending my girlfriend’s money, taxidermy and necrophilia
Comments: I am an amazing individual looking for a woman to take care of me and do my cooking and laundry

So far the response has been encouraging – I have had 2 replies in 20 minutes and both the women are beautiful blondes! (I am sure that no-one would ever post a fake picture. No, really, I’m positive. Haha)

Now I’m not saying they are scammers at all, as their English and comprehension of the rubbish I put in my profile may be very poor.

Time will tell.

I’m going to have fun seeing what they have to say for themselves.. get back to you on this one sometime soon….

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  1. so you get any luck with those russian ladies?

  2. s. rich says:

    that is halarious….!

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