How To Be Safer Surfing The Web With BitDefender TrafficLight

BitDefender‘s free cross-browser tool, TrafficLight, can help enhance your security and keep you safer whilst you surf the web.

It can help defend you against the threat of infected web sites and phishing attempts. It will also check links in popular social networking sites to see if they are suspect. And all of this is done in real time.

BitDefender TrafficLight

You can download TrafficLight for nothing by visiting

When you click on the download link you will be presented with a few different options according to which browser you use. There are versions specific to Chrome, Firefox or Safari as well as a beta version that is suitable for all browsers.

You simply need to click on the version that is right for you…

BitDefender TrafficLight installation

Once you have downloaded the installer you simply need to navigate to the area on your hard drive in which it was saved, as seen in the image below.

BitDefender TrafficLight installer

When you have located the installer simply double click on it to get going. Windows UAC may kick in; just click on OK to continue.

BitDefender TrafficLight installation options

At this point you will see the box shown above. Here you need to tick or untick Send anonymous usage statistics and Enable SSL Scanning depending upon your own personal preferences. You will of course need to tick the box to accept the License Agreement in order to continue.

BitDefender TrafficLight successful installation

The installer will then work it’s magic and set your instance of TrafficLight up as you requested. Click on the Getting Started button to see some info on how to use this tool.

BitDefender TrafficLight getting started

Now that you have installed BitDefender TrafficLight you are ready to open your browser and get started. Look for the grey icon with 3 green dots on it, as seen in the image above. It will be at the top and over to the left on the web page you are viewing.

Click on it to bring down the TrafficLight panel that you see below.

getting started

Here you will see 4 buttons followed by a Settings tab and another button which will toggle TrafficLight on or off.

The 4 buttons do the following:

  • shorten the current web page’s URL using BitDefender’s own shortening service
  • switch on an Ad-blocker
  • allow you to share TrafficLight with your friends cia Facebook, Twitter and StumbleUpon
  • share feedback with BitDefender

Of course thats not all there is to TrafficLight.

If you search for something on Google, for instance, then you will see different symbols next to the result which indicate whether the web page is safe or not. A green tick means the site is safe, a red cross means avoid at all costs. If you see a yellow question mark then proceed with caution.

TrafficLight search results

Should you ignore these search warnings and visit a red crossed site regardless then TrafficLight will attempt to remove any malicious content first.

Overall then, TrafficLight is a great browser tool that features all of the above as well as an advanced anti-phishing tool. The only minor niggle, and someone tell me if this is universal or just on my PC, is that it doesn’t seem to like multi-monitor setups for some reason – it seems to work on any number of tabs on my main monitor, on one tab on my second monitor and not at all on my third monitor :/

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  1. Just a word to let you know that on trying TRAFFIC LIGHTS I am very!! happy with it its not often in life you get what you want I have .thanks!!

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