How To Backup Your Data With Comodo Backup

Have you ever had a hard drive die on you? (I have) Or had a DVD full of important information that has become scratched? Perhaps you are a government official and have left a USB stick on a train?

In any event, you will have wished that you had a backup (I didn’t on that occasion but thats a mistake I’ll never make again!)

If you do have a need for backing up your data, and we all do, then Comodo Backup may be the option for you. If you have a large amount of data to backup – up to 250 GB – then it will cost you ($9.99 per month or $99.99 per year). But for those of us who only wish to store up to 5 GB of important files then the service is actually free.

Comodo Backup

If either the free or paid service are of interest to you then read on..

[box type=”red”]You can get started by visiting the site – Comodo Backup.[/box]

For this guide I obviously chose to go with the free option but the process is much the same whichever route you take.

[box type=”info”]Firstly, visit the site through the link above and then choose whether you need the free or paid service. Next, register by supplying your email address and by choosing a password (remember to make it unique and hard to guess!)[/box]

At this point you should now receive an email from Comodo which will detail your plan – make sure you’ve chose the correct one!

[box type=”info”]Now download Comodo Backup and run the program. At this point your computer will reboot as part of the process.[/box]

Once your computer has rebooted you will be able to start backing up your important data.

Comodo Backup login

[box type=”important”]To get started click on Start > All Programs > Comodo > Comodo BackUp > Comodo BackUp. This will start the program and it is likely you will see the login box pictured above. Simply enter the email address and password that you registered with.[/box]


If you look at the image above you’ll see that you have the option of using a wizard which will let the program automatically find and backup files for you. Taking this route is, due to the wizard, very simple and self explanatory. However, especially if you are using the 5 GB of free storage option, then you may wish to manually pick the files to be backed up.

[box type=”info”]Click on the Online Storage link on the left to proceed to the following screen:[/box]

manual backup

Here you will see all the drives currently connected to your computer on the left of the screen and details of your online storage area to the right.

[box type=”info”]Browse your own local storage areas for the content you wish to backup. Now click on the right facing arrow which is between the two main parts of the screen (you can also use the left facing arrow to copy your content back to your own storage device if you so wish).[/box]

The status bar at the bottom will let you know have far through the backup process you are and you can cancel or pause at any time.

Once you have backed your data up there are a couple of ways in which you can access it.

[box type=”info”]You can click on the Restore link in the Comodo BackUp program, as highlighted below.[/box]

restore backup

[box type=”info”]Or you can use the web to manage your files:[/box]

online access

[box type=”info”]If you surf over to then you will find the web site shown above. Simply login with the same password and email address that you use with the program.[/box]

online management

[box type=”info”]As you can see above, you have many options available to you through the web interface, including the ability to upload files, rename them, copy them and even share them.[/box]

Comodo Backup is a great utility. It is very easy to understand and use and can give you access to important files from anywhere through the web interface (though I wouldn’t suggest you ever store anything too sensitive anywhere on the web). For those of you who want to backup less than 5 GB of data it is completely free to use and $9.99 a month for up to 250 GB of online storage isn’t such a bad deal either!

[box type=”red”]Visit the Comodo Backup site to get started today.[/box]

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