How To Avoid Keyloggers With KeyScrambler Plugin For Firefox

Hopefully, as you read this article, you are doing so safe in the knowledge that your computer is being protected with a good antivirus or internet security program. If you have that protection then you should already have a basic defence against keyloggers. Such protection, however, is not completely foolproof so you may want to have an additional layer of protection, especially if you are a business owner or someone who types sensitive data on your keyboard.

Keyloggers, once they find their way onto your computer system, will attempt to capture each and every keystroke you make and there is a fair chance that this could include credit card numbers, bank account details including online banking passwords, and other equally sensitive information.


KeyScrambler is a small download which can enhance your protection against keyloggers. There are paid versions available but you can also bag a free version too which is what I am looking at today.

If you head over to QFX Software you can choose which version of KeyScrambler you wish to download.

Once the Firefox plugin is installed you will likely need to restart your computer before you can get going.

KeyScrambler test

When your computer has rebooted you will run Firefox once again. Now, whenever you type something, you will see a green toolbar which you can just about make out in the image above. Hopefully, you can notice that the keystrokes are being encrypted in real time. This encryption will occur whenever you type something, making it ideal for:

  • business owners
  • online gamers
  • anyone else who inputs sensitive data on their keyboard

KeyScrambler works very well indeed at combating software keyloggers. As it only begins working when keystrokes have reached the Windows kernel at driver level it won’t protect against hardware keyloggers but these are much rarer and require physical access to your machine for installation. Therefore this is a very good solution for the majority of computer users.

KeyScrambler is also available as an add-on for IE and Flock.

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