How The Storm Worm Highlights The Security Industry’s Dirty Little Secret

There is a dirty little secret in the security world.

One that only shows it head every once in a blue moon, so it isn’t something that is discussed that much.

This secret is that, even though you may have thought that you have gotten rid of a virus, a lot of times it will come back.  (This doesn’t just apply to the most popular viruses but to most other malware too).

the Storm worm

the Storm worm

I am not talking about its ability to infect your machine again, I simply mean that it comes back to being in prominence once again.

Every so often the security world will see a flare-up of a certain type of malware that will spread across the globe very quickly.

It happens quicker than the IT people can hope to patch their machines against the attack.

We usually see a heavy boost of activity, and then the security researchers catch up with the technology so that they are now able to stop it, and then it dies down again.

But that is not usually the last that you will hear about it.

Often there is a re-occurrence.

It is usually the same piece of malware, just altered by a little bit so that it can bypass the detection software.

The Storm Worm

Right now we see this happening once again with the Storm worm.

The Storm worm is an infection that hit in 2007 and was a real threat when it came to computer security.

The Storm worm was different that other threats because of the fact that it refused to die.

When it was introduced to a system it would change the packing code of the Trojan so that the antivirus software would not detect it.

There are a couple of other little tricks that it would use to escape detection as well, such as changing the IP address of the servers that it would use to connect to the rest of the bot network.

This made this piece of malware a very hard one to stop.

Now it is being reported that this particular piece of malware is rearing its head once again.

Cheap Copy

This new version shares a lot of the same traits as the old one, but it does not seem to be as effective as the original strain of this particular malware.

Most likely it is someone who has made a duplicate without all of the necessary resources that the owners of the first strain had.

When security experts reverse engineered the new version of the worm they saw that it was missing some of the vital components that made the original version so hard to destroy.

Once again a popular piece of malware has flared up but it is only a shadow of the original version.

This version of the Storm worm does not seem to be as effective as the original once was but I guess we will soon if it is able to live up to its namesake.

Most likely it will not be able to.

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