How The Java Programming Language Is Used On Your Computer And How It Can Harm You

If you look inside of your average smartphone or computer then you will probably see a bunch of circuits that and you most likely would not understand what it is that they do. And if you look at the source code of any computer program then there is a good chance that you would not be able understand what it does as well. You know that the code you see is able to create programs for you to run. So you may not be able to understand the text that you are seeing but you do know that it can be helpful to you in the long run.


But if the languages and the tech behind them are helpful then why are you always seeing security warnings about them. You see the security warnings while you are surfing the web and you see the same security warnings when you watch TV news at night. If this stuff is supposed to help us how come we are getting so many warnings about it?

Well the truth of the matter is that when you create software, there are millions of lines of code that you have to deal with. It all depends on the size of the program. But even when you are dealing with a small program, you still have a lot of lines of code to deal with because the programs uses some sort of framework to access the features that it needs from the operating system. If it does not access the features that it needs from the operating system then you would not be able to enjoy the benefits of the program. You would not be able to see it and most likely it would not be able to run. So even the smallest programs that you see most likely have a lot of code behind them, it just is in what is called a different layer of the computing experience.

These days the language that you have been hearing a lot about is one that is called Java. In a little under 20 years Java has gone from a wild idea niche language to one that is considered the staple of modern day computing. Java is used just as much or if not more as top languages such as C, C++, PHP, and others. When it comes to business Java is probably used more than all of the other languages that we just listed. But when you have a large language like Java then that means you have to be all things to all programmers. And you have to leave yourself fairly open. And that can lead to attacks if you are not careful.

The main problem that Java has been having a lot is in a part of the technology that is not used that often anymore. The browser portion of the technology is what is causing all of the trouble. In the past programmers would make browser applets in Java to compete with Flash. But Flash won that battle and now you will rarely come across Java applets on the web anymore. The place that you really see them at is on local intranets at the office.

If you want to make sure you are secured against all of the threats that you hear about when it comes to Java then all you have to do is update it. Or you can disable it in your browser if that makes you feel safer. But remember that Java and JavaScript are two different languages. So you do not have to disable JavaScript when you are disabling Java.

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