How The Bad Guys Pick Their Victims

There is a famous line that has been used in poker for years. The line goes that if you are playing poker and you cannot tell who the sucker is in the room then the sucker is you. This is a funny line but it is a line that also works in real life.

The bad guys next victim?


Most people do not have people in their life that they would consider truly to be a bad guy. While there may be some people in your life who you may consider to be a jerk, you probably do no look at those people like they are evil. But in real life there are people who are like that. There are people who go beyond just being a jerk and they really are someone you might consider to be evil. These are the people who are always looking to take advantage of someone. While some people may feel a little guilt when they are able to trick someone else, these people do not. And this is why this line works so well. If you ever get the feeling that you are in a room full of sharks, then you are probably the bait.

In the computer world we see the same thing. While you might think that it is different it is not. Just because someone is willing to rob you on the computer and not use a knife does not make them less evil. They have that same cold vindictive streak that someone who is robbing you face to face has. They are a predator just like any other criminal who is out there. That is why you must be able to protect yourself when you go online. You do not want to be a victim while you are in cyber space. So you must be able to do whatever you can to keep that from happening. That is what we are going to talk about in this article. This article will show how can you keep yourself from becoming a victim to the bad guys that are out there.

Don’t become a victim

In real life the first thing you have to do to stop yourself from looking weak and helpless when you are walking down the street is to have some confidence about yourself. When you have confidence people can feel it and they are less likely to mess with you. When you are online you must be the same way. While a person will not be able to tell how confident you are by your outward demeanor, you can offset that by coming off as intelligent. When you are on a forum or a social media web site, you should really think about what you are saying while logged in. Give enough of your personality so people get a feel of who you are but do not expose a lot of weaknesses about yourself. If a bad guy is reading your post then they might feel as if you are an easy mark. They will feel as if they can attack you and you will not say anything about it. You will not report it to the authorities and they will be able to get away with their crime free and clear. Do not let that happen. If the bad guys are taking the time to try and study you before an attack then make sure they get a character profile of someone who is confident and is not a pushover.

So now that you have shown a tougher demeanor when you are online, what else can you do besides the obvious technical installations? Well another thing that you can do is to watch where you go online. The bad guys have set traps up all over the Internet. While some bad guys take the time to pick their targets, others just throw out a wide net and hope to get lucky. They put up a web site with a lot of alluring content and see who they can get to go there. Try to avoid becoming a victim like this. Do not click on every link that is offered to you. This is especially true if the link is coming from someone who you do not know personally.

After this is all done then of course you want to make sure that you have everything that you need on the technical side to avoid becoming a target for the black hat hackers who are out there. This of course means the right antivirus, firewall, and password solution. Most of the black hat hackers out there like low hanging fruit and with the right software installed on your computer you will not be considered this at all.

While you are surfing the web you want to be able to do whatever you can to stop yourself becoming a victim. If you follow what we have written here then you will be on your way from stopping cyber criminals from harassing you.

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