How The Apple Mac Battery Hack Shows Why Security Is More Than Just Software Deep

Most of the times, when we think about computer security issues we usually think about the software side of the machine. We hear it in the news all of the time –  someone was able to crack into another person’s email account and get private information about them. Or we hear about someone breaking into another person’s social media network account and getting information there. So we have become accustomed to hearing about attacks such as these. But there are still hardware attacks you have to worry about as well. While they may not be as big of a problem as software attacks, they can still come back to bite you if you are not aware of them.

How The Apple Mac Battery Hack Shows Why Security Is More Than Just Software Deep

Owners of Apple computers are now starting to find this out. While there have been no attacks in the wild, it was just reported recently that there is a way for black hat hackers to be able to get inside of your computer through the battery firmware. Once the battery firmware has been compromised, they may then able to pull off remote attacks through servers on the internet.

An attack like this has to be set into play through actual physical access to the machine but when it comes to a battery that is not a problem. Apple users are always ordering third party batteries or taking their computers to Apple store to get them fixed. Any of these types of activities can introduce a vector where the batteries could be compromised.

The truth of the matter is that you always have to be careful when you are talking about the safety and the security of your computer. No matter if it is hardware or software; you should always be suspicious of anything weird that might happen to your system. The bad guys are always trying to find new ways to get an angle at corruption of new systems. While most of the time just having the basics in security is a good deterrent, you still have to be aware of what you are doing at all times.

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  1. Tom Dark says:

    You said it yourself – there are no attacks in the wild. This is a completely exaggerated threat. Just because some guy can do a hack in a lab does not mean its a real threat to users. Any decent scientist knows that results in a lab are always the same in the real world. This is an interesting bit of research, but it is nothing that anybody should be worried about.

    • There are no attacks in the wild….yet. Though, seriously, I do agree that it is nothing to be overly concerned about at this time.

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