How th3j35t3r And Other Hackers Are Using Their Skills To Bring Real World Bad Guys To Book

I know by the title you might assume the I mean white hat hackers going against black hat hackers.

No, I am talking about something different.

There are certain hackers that use their ability stop crimes that go far beyond the online realm.

They use their understanding of computers and the Internet, to hack into the systems of child molesters and Islamic jihadist.

Once they discover a crime being committed, they then report the perpetrator to the police.

do hackers make good vigilantes?

We are hearing about more and more cases that are like this.

Hackers such as this are using illegal (at least in some countries) means to try to accomplish good.

Hackers And Vigilantism

But is online vigilantism good, or can it lead to more problems?

There is a story that is being reported about now in the security media about a guy who goes by the Twitter name th3j35t3r.

The story was first broke by

This hacker has decided to use his skills to infiltrate into different Islamic extremist web sites and try to gather as much information as possible.

He not only passively gathers data and reports it, he also does his best to disrupt the inner workings of the site itself.

He uses a DDOS attack to knock the sites offline.

This is not the first time that someone has done this.

There have been other hackers and online vigilantes that have tried to infiltrate criminal online networks.

Taking Out Sickos Sounds Noble Enough

There have been other hackers that have done their best to try to disrupt online kiddie porn rings.

Online child pornography remains a big problem and the perpetrators of this crime do their best to try to hide their tracks.

This is why the police are sometimes a step behind these criminals.

Some hackers have decided to pick up the slack and try to stop these criminals themselves.

One person went so far as to hack the criminals web cam and capture pictures and videos of what the person looked like.

A judge was also rounded up in the investigation.

The police do not usually condone vigilantism but in these particular cases they did admit that the extra information helped.

There is a thin line between actually helping the police and violating a persons civil rights.

If the hackers monitored a web site that just had an Islamic person, who was just voicing an opinion, then the hackers could mistake that for a threat.

If the hacker reported this to the police, then you would be violating that persons privacy and civil rights.

People are allowed to have opinions, just not cause other people harm.

What do you think of the jester (read this first) – th3j35t3r – is he a hero or misguided vigilante?

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Lee's non-technical background allows him to write about internet security in a clear way that is understandable to both IT professionals and people just like you who need simple answers to your security questions.


  1. th3j35t3r is a dose of what hard working, grey and blue collar Americans, who still believe in the work ethic, have been praying for. Sees a job that needs to be done – and does it. Too much mental masturbation can raise doubts about any course of action. May God bless th3j35t3r.

  2. He is just doing it beczuse it is funny.

    Nothing is funny unless someone gets hurt.

    Speaking of funny, Based on the URL, I thought the site was called security fags. I think i need a new font, or glasses, or both.

  3. th3j35t3r is a script kiddie who uses a modified slowloris on a *nix system to DoS via socketflood (http based). All the kids who follow him on his irc are stupid and noobs. watch the game in there…and see he is no hero at all. Just a boy taking some sites offline only for the time he attacks them. I loled as he kicked someone out of his channel because the guy was able to DoS a site on his own lite th3j35t3r did…poor jester….

  4. First of all; Ddos-attacks and other forms of hacking are illegal. So how come when goverments such as China and the USA actively engaged Ddos attacks against Wikileaks, it is not considered to be illegal for them aswell? It seemes completely hypocritical to me.

    When “Anonymous” responded by taking down several pages such as Mastercard, Visa etc. they were deemed as criminals and worse. Again, hypocritical.

    The Jester or thej35t3r, attacks pages on a daily bases. Yet by hitting on Jihadi-sites (amongst other, NOT just jihadi-ssites) he attempts to gain popularity and approvel of the people. Nobody seems to fully comprehend he is doing so, to feed his own ego, hoping for a pad on the shoulder from likeminded people.

    Conclusion: You can not approve ANY of these cyberattacks, just because you agree with the (appearant) motive of the attacker. Even when it involves a site hosting kiddyporn or whatever. Just point the site out to the authorities and let them do their job. As long as the law(s) remain as is, no one should be allowed to commit these cyber-crimes.

    • Why do you think the US and China were involved in DDos vs Wikileaks???

      • In a typical denial-of-service attack, remote computers commandeered by rogue programs bombard a website with so many data packets that it becomes overwhelmed and unavailable to visitors. Pinpointing the culprits is difficult.

        WikiLeaks said the malicious traffic was coming in at 10 gigabits per second on Tuesday, which would make it a relatively large effort. According to a study by Internet security company Arbor Networks, the average denial of service attack over the past year was 349 megabits per second, 28 times slower than the stream Wikileaks reported.


        This implies the attack could not have been organized by a single person. There are only 5 supercomputers in the world capable of an attack with this magnitude, 3 of which reside in the USA. Just think who has the most benefit from taking down Wikileaks. Who has most to hide and lose over this. Plus a source in the US-army pointed out to me that Jester is still on their payroll. He simply has to appear to be a rogue because of his illegal actions.

        I’m sorry but this is all can unveil here about the Us an Chinese gov. involvement. If i spoke more on this subject i would be jeopardizing my sources. I have a wide variety of ’em, from US-intel to supporters of Jester to supporters of Wikileaks and Anonymous. So i think my vision is based on a wide perspective of the matter.

  5. JesterTheKid says:

    What the script-kid Jester does is no hacking but script-kiddy-laming (DoS).

    The script-kid Jester is immature and there are some people without knowledge who are impressed by the script-kids big words and fancy-looking GIF animations like “XerXes”. There is no “hacker called jester” with “military background”. Behind pseudo-philosophic phrases like “There is good and evil in…blabla” (by the way, Jester kid, it’s pretty lame to quote your own brabble) there is a helpless kid trying to enjoy 5 minutes of “fame” on the web.

    As other people with knowledge of computer security and networks have already written, the Bullshit-meter of this “XerXeS platform” (lol!) ranks high – for a reason.

    “LisaF”, your anti-american communist-style chantings are hollow words. The United States of America were built upon strong fundaments like the freedom of speech. You apparently want this freedom only for people who share your own values, which is exactly what communists want. Only enemies of freedom (and kids who don’t/can’t understand the values of the US) cheer when websites are taken down and people deprived of their freedom of speech. This is no achivement and there is no pride in it. Communism is full of shame.

    God bless America!

  6. Wake up and smell the Justice!
    Come on people, wake up America! Yes, we all have different a difference perspective of things, right and wrong included. However, in response to “Lee”, who decides whats right and wrong? I think that God does. (Except for psycopaths who have a brain disorder that leaves them without feeling or care for what they do) -we all have, from birth-ingrained in us/in our minds a knowledge of right and wrong. It is true Lee, it’s hard to discern right and wrong in certain things, except what is within or without the boundaries of law. Yet deep down you know the truth, that the Jester is not emotionaly immature, or a fake, or wrong in what he’s doing. It takes guts to be anti-establishment, and go against the rules of society. And it takes a brilliant person to do what Jester and other hackers do, and I personally admire it.
    To take down terrorist websites for 30-40 minutes at a time, to temporarily break their lines of communication to force them to communicate in less secure ways, therefore allowing possible detection, that is GOOD. To track ChildPorn and the creeps that are involved, That is FREAKIN GOOD!
    Wikileaks? I don’t know, but in measuring the good and the bad, I’d say the Good is greater than bad.
    Kudos to the Jester for TAKING ACTION, unlike most of us who whine and complain about everything, but do nothing to change it.
    If Nothing Changes, than Nothing Changes, Right?

    • “…Yet deep down you know the truth…”

      No I don’t, thats my point. I can still see both sides to this – there is both potential good and potential bad in what WikiLeaks are doing in my opinion and so, for that reason, I am not too opinionated one way or the other where the hactivists’ actions are concerned.

  7. JesterTheKid says:

    “th3j35t3r” claims XerXeS was doing something special.

    Analysis of XerXeS shows that it’s a fake application doing nothing but displaying GIF animations and sending root servers in Europe rented by “th3j35t3r” an IP to script-kiddie-DDoS it.

    Is this a “hacker” or smart person? Make up your own mind.

  8. Anonymous says:

    We are legion, we do not forgive and we do not forget.

  9. Max_Normal says:

    th3j35t3r is not a “good guy” he is an polarised idealist who supports US overseas oppression and the persuit hegemony as a vehicle to promote his own overblown ego. All Julian Assange has done is release the truth. Not everything every government does is for the benefit of the World, in fact as you can see from the leaks, most activity from individual governments is entirely selfish and politically driven, and even contrary to the welbeing of it’s own citizens. If th3j35t3r’s World view was not so incredibly simplistic or narcissistically driven, he would probably support the work of Assange, that is if he is not just a propaganda puppet working for the US government anyway……..

  10. Jester_sucks says:

    Hacktivist for big money. Obstructing the lines of communication for whistleblowers and uncoverers of corruption. GREAT JOB idiot. Jester is the kind of guy that gives patriots a bad name.

  11. th3j35t3r says:

    I was raided on Monday so my old accounts are jeopardized.. Follow me at and

    • If they’ve gotten into your house, it’s too late man. Yes it may only be the sheriff’s office, but anyone who has been busted before knows, it’s only a matter of time. Ask Mitnick.

    • You are NOT Jester!! You’re a faker. His real Twitter account has a 5 not an S and his blog is still hosted on WordPress. #Oops!

  12. Teksquisite says:

    My take is that th3j35t3r may suffer from Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD).

    • I’m sensing some bad blood between the two of you!

    • lyecdevf says:

      There is not question in my mind that he is suffering from some kind of mental disability. In fact I am going to go a step further and say that this person is dangerous and is a threat to society so the sooner some one puts him in some straight jacket the better.

  13. j35t3r j35t3r j35t3r j35t3r says:

    j35t3r—- Why not use russian routes? f**k face..

  14. Who is going to monitor what he does? What if he sees the world in black and white? What if he considers a law abiding site to be harmful because of his moral convictions?

    • They’re exactly the sort of questions I was asking myself.

      From what I’ve seen, I think he is on the ‘right’ side but who is qualified to decide what is right and what is wrong in the first place?

  15. i like your style ‘and wit!’

  16. @teksquisite

    I would like you to back your claim up with fact if at all possible? I do recall hitting a false positive, realised after about 5 mins into the strike and immediatley cancelled the attack, and furthermore I tweeted an apology straight away. The site in question was back up within seconds.

  17. teksquisite says:

    th3j35t3r is not a genuine hacktivist. This person is also downing sites that have nothing to do with Islamic extremist web sites (out of spite.) Don’t ever piss th3j35t3r off or disagree with him because he will seek revenge. Sadly, this person is emotionally immature and will end up doing far more damage than good.

    • Hi Bev
      I’ve never seen him mention non-Islamist sites in his tweets – have I not been following him long enough or have you got that info elsewhere?

      • Lee | Think i read some place that he hit on Wikileaks? Didn’t he?
        In his Tweet. I don’t consider them a islamist site. He’s a warier of the failing empire. Hitting on the free speech that HE don’t like.
        True born US soldier.

        • Its been alleged that he hit WikiLeaks but I’m not sure that it has been confirmed. If it is true then the rest of what you said may well be fair comment.


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