How Secure Is The Software That Apple Creates?

Of course, when people think of Apple computers, they think of quality. This is something that has been attached to Apple products for years. When you purchase something from Apple you know that you are getting their best and they have taken the time to check every single detail. That is a trait that starts with Steve Jobs and it trickles down to other parts of the company. But the one thing in the past that Apple has never had to worry about was the security of their software. Apple never had to worry about their security whether it was by design or by the fact that not a lot of people used their products. They had less than 5% of the computer market. Now that is no longer the case. Apple products are some of the most popular in the world and now their security is being tested big time. And so far, it is not looking very good.


The safety of their hardware products

So far, the lines of Apple computers and laptops have only seen a moderate increase in their attacks. There have been holes shown in the OS X operating system but there has been no large scale attack against the system by hackers. Their mobile products are a different story. We have seen hacks against both their line of IPhones and their IPads. The security holes in the products are shown by how people are able to modify them and offer jail broken apps and other such items. There have also been malicious attacks reported on both the IPhone and the IPad. So the security on these hardware devices has not been Apple’s finest hour. Now the mainstream news media is starting to pick up on stories of these types of attacks and the people are starting to question whether Apple is the secure company that they say it is.

The safety of their software products

Where Apple has really dropped the ball is when it comes to the safety of their software products. There have been many hacker events that the first thing to be exploited was the Safari web browser. Or the iTunes software. Mac Os X has become vulnerable because of these types of programs and they have caused trouble when they have been exported over to other operating systems like Windows. The software that Apple delivers to Windows is, in my opinion, not of very high quality and it seems like it is almost bad on purpose. A better reason might be that the software was designed for Mac Os X and they have not done that good of a job of porting the software over. The software is responsible for a series of security holes on the Windows operating system as well and this does not look good for Apple.

When you used to talk about security Apple was one of the products that you would look at. That is no longer the case. Most security experts agree that Windows 7 is just as secured as OS X.  So if you are really concerned about security then you might want to think about getting a Linux system.

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