How Safe Are Google Chrome Extensions?

The one problem with the internet is that everything is not vetted properly. In the beginning of the internet everything was done by peer reviews. Peer reviews are big in the scientific community. If you have some wok that you want to verify is correct then you show your peers. They will then take a look at it and tell you if it is correct or not. That same spirit of peer correction is still alive and well on the internet. People still use each other to make sure that something on the internet works correctly.

How Safe Are Google Chrome Extensions?

But sometimes it seems better if you do have that top cop working to make sure that everything is okay. Someone whose job it is to make sure nothing bad gets into their section of the internet. For example, some of the plugins or extensions that we place in the browser should be under the rules of a top cop. We want to make sure that they work alright and that they will not place any infection on our computer if we use them.

When it comes to the Google Chrome browser they like for the community to make sure that everything is safe. This means that one person installs it on their system, something goes wrong, they then tell everyone else about it. It is a decent solution to the problem but it still has its holes as well. For someone else to find out about the problem this means that another customer had to be infected first. That is a real problem.

Apple on the other hand, when it comes to places like their app store, check to make sure that every app is safe before it goes into the store. This way the only person’s computer who gets messed up is the tester at Apple and not some random stranger. Google should really think about going to this model with their plugins for Chrome. Yeah it would be a lot more work but you would also have more happy customers this way.

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