How Safe Are Computer Tablet Devices Like The IPad?

As we all know, the IPad was released by Apple and the sales were unbelievable.

Steve Jobs himself claimed that the devices were selling around a million a month with no signs of stopping.

People have really caught on to the fact that the IPad can be used to be a substitute computer or a substitute portable media device.

They love the user interface and the fact that the device is so light to carry around but is everything as good with the IPad as it seems?

Have Apple lost the benefits of security through obscurity?

Have Apple lost the benefits of security through obscurity?

Security Issues

There seems to be some serious security problems that are coming to light which just goes to show how Apple may have lost the benefits of security through obscurity.

The IPad runs an operating system that is very similar to the one that the IPhone uses.

Since this is the case, we know that it is missing some key security features.

Security features such as ASLR, which mean Address Space Address Resolution, and other common security measures that are found on modern day operating systems.

We already know that the IPhone is able to be hacked since people have been jail breaking the phone since it was first released.

Now the IPad has those same imperfections.

But the operating system itself is not the only thing that lends itself to holes that will hurt the consumer.

Some of the applications as well are not secured and can lead to someone being taken advantage of.

One of the biggest culprits may be an application made by Apple’s own engineers.

The Safari Browser

It is the Safari browser and there have been holes found in it recently.

One of the holes that has been found allows a black hat hacker to enter a high number port which would not be blocked by the browser.

Usually, if a computer has a firewall installed, you have to allow programs to be able to use certain ports on the system.

The Safari browser on the IPad automatically opens these ports up for anyone to get into.

But there are also apps that are in the app store that are vulnerable as well.

Some of the apps connect to the internet and they could allow an attacker to get into the device.

You Should Treat The IPad Like A Computer

The main problem with the IPad is that people use it as a computer, but they forget that they are using an actual computer.

When they are on a normal computer, they are aware of the threats that are out on the internet.

With the IPad, they forget and tend to surf the web as if nothing can harm them.

It doesn’t matter what device that you are on, if you get caught by a phishing attack, then you are still in trouble.

The IPad is a great device and hopefully we will see more like it in the future but the fact is it is not as secure as it some users might think it is.

Since people are going to use it as a computer, then it should have some of the basic security features that a normal computer would have and the people that use it must realize that they are still using a computer and keep their guard up.

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  1. Computers and tablets aren’t hacked as much as they are exposed willingly by their users. Don’t download programs and install all sorts of “free” ware because that’s how they get you. Viruses aren’t such a threat since they really only glorify the hacker. Spyware and identity theft are where they lurk now as those make them money. So keep your anti-virus & anti-malware programs up to date, and don’t download freebies and you’ll be fine.

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