How Many Ways Does Google Store Your Personal Information?

I think that, at this point, we all know that our data is being spread around the internet all of the time; at the very least when it comes to some of our personal information.

While we accept that some of our data is going to be available to the public, we do not like for one web entity to have too much information about us.

This is exactly why some people have reservations about Google.

how is Google storing my information?

Google, which was once only a search engine, now probably has one of the biggest reservoirs of personal information on the internet.

Most people that use the internet use Google and one point in time and a huge percentage of those people use the other services that Google offers as well.

These services include programs such as their GMail and Documents web sites.

Google Data Collection

With all of this usage Google is able to collect a big chunk of data about everyone who uses their site.

There are several ways that Google is able to get your information –

The first way is through the actual services that they provide as we mentioned earlier in the article.

Whenever you use a Google service like Gmail or anything else, you have to sign up.

Whenever you sign up, you are giving them explicit permission to be able to keep and store your information.

And when you use these services, they keep track of you as well.

This is how they are able to offer you relevant advertising in your Gmail account.

They track your emails and see what the emails are taking about.

It then uses that information to show you an ad that you can click on.

This is how Google is able to stay so profitable.

They use the information that they collect from you, which is a lot, and use it to offer you services that you might be interested in.

Adsense Tracking

An alternative way that Google is able to keep track of you, even if you are not signed up to any of their services, is through the use of their adsense program.

Adsense is their advertising platform that allows them to show ads on a third party web site.

When they show these ads, they are able to track who comes to the web site and how long they are on there.

And when you actually click on the ad, they are able to get even more information about you.

Now they will know what kind of web sites you visit, how often you go to these web sites, and what is the type of ad that attracts you.


They also hope to get more information about you personally through their Buzz service.

They will obtain this information the same way that they do their email information.

When you and a friend talk online, they will take relevant portions of what you say and turn them into ads.

It has been speculated that Google might be a little bit jealous over the type of information that Twitter is able to gain from their users.

With Buzz, they are trying to gain that same information.

As you see, Google has a multitude of ways to get your information.

Now that you know, it is all about how comfortable you are with them having that much information about you.

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Lee's non-technical background allows him to write about internet security in a clear way that is understandable to both IT professionals and people just like you who need simple answers to your security questions.


  1. Sergy Bin says:

    My Personal data is more important than any thing else in the internet.

    I use AdBlock Plus,, No script Firefox Addons and also configure the Firefox Cookie settings to delete cookies when ever i close Firefox and accept only trusted cookies.The only thing that I want to make next is use of Proxy server or Fake IP software to keep completely Anonymous.

    Now I am not seeing any advertisements and not even been tracked by any websites.

    • I’m not sure there is complete anonymity on the web but a proxy/VPN is certainly a step in the right direction.

  2. Hi Lee,

    Have you tried
    The method that it works is pretty interesting to provide some privacy without losing Google search functionality.


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