How Long Would You Have To Live With The Effects Of Identity Theft?

Hopefully you will never become a victim of identity theft. If you do, however, then how long will the effects last? Unfortunately, it is difficult to give an exact answer to that question as there are a large number of variables involved.

How Long Would You Have To Live With The Effects Of Identity Theft?

Some of the factors that will affect how long you would feel the effects of identity theft include –

  • Your credit score before the theft took place
  • What information was stolen
  • How that information was used by the identity thief
  • Of great importance, is whether or not the identity thief gets caught.

Another factor that may also determine how long the effects of identity theft are felt is whether or not the thief used the information for themself or sold it on to one or more other people.

Some identity thieves don’t make money by using the identity they have stolen – they sell it on over and over again which obviously magnifies the problem.


You can help yourself minimise the chances of falling victim of identity theft, as well as reducing the recovery time if you are unfortunate, by via careful monitoring of your credit reports.

Proactive monitoring can help identify any unusual entries that could be an early warning sign of identity theft in progress.

If you have already become a victim then monitoring your report every few months afterwards can help in so much as it will reveal if the problem is still ongoing.

If you ever spot anything untoward on your credit report then you need to take action.

This would involve not only notifying the police but also the actual companies that were involved in the credit fraud.

They should be contacted in the first place by phone with a written followup.

The quicker you do this the easier it should be to rectify the problem.

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