How Long Is It Since The Last Java Zero Day Was Discovered?

I’m not sure how many men in the street or guys down the local pub are asking that question but that doesn’t mean they shouldn’t be. And if they were, there ought to be a convenient way to discover the answer. And, actually, there is…


A new website, or at least one I’ve not come across before tonight, will answer that most important question – “How Long Is It Since The Last Java Zero Day Was Discovered?”

If you visit you’ll see the answer you’re looking for at the top of the screen. At the time of writing you can see that it has been a whopping 3 days since the last exploit was discovered — Go Adobe!!!

But, more than that, you’ll also discover some important links too. The first gives information on all the recent Java-related CVEs. The second links to a FireEye post about the most recent Java 0-day. The third asks “is it still a threat” (I’m not sure if they mean the¬†latest¬†exploit or Java itself) and the answer is probably –


The last link sounds like something you hear regularly when you need warming up after a night on the town but is actually a link to a Java help page.

So, if you want to know how many days its been since Java was safe take a look at

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