How Is A Botnet Able To Grow So Quickly?

There are a lot of good things about the Internet. It is very helpful and allows you to have a large base of knowledge easily accessible to you in a moments notice. The amount of information that you are able to learn, just by using the Internet can not be duplicated anywhere else. Sure you can go to the Library, but there is no Library that covers the vast amount of data that the Internet has.

But there is a downside to having that much data accessible to people as well – there is as much false and maligned data as there is truthful and factual information.


False News Travels Quickly

And along with the false data, the problem lies in how fast the false data can spread. The viral capabilities of the Internet are great – information, no matter true or false, is spread through the system like a virus in the human body. Once it is out there, it almost seems unstoppable.

The people who create botnets use this fact for their own advantage.

When a hacker thinks about creating a botnet, they know that they are going to need a piece of information that is very popular in the world right now.

Some hackers take a more indirect route and hide the code to create the botnet in software that may seem legitimate. They then wait for this code to be downloaded by someone who visits the site.

Other hackers use either news or the daily gossip to be able to spread their code around.

The Spread Of Malware

The key to having a large botnet is to be able to target an interesting angle. Also, you must come up with several angles, because after a while, people will be warned about the attack.

Whenever you are being told that a certain celebrity is naked, please click the picture, or someone famous has died, please click the link, these are most likely some sort of attack. Once you click the link, you will start a process that will begin downloading an infection onto your computer. If they somehow trick you into installing the infection, you are now part of their botnet.

You will see nothing wrong, but your system will be used for criminal activities such as DDOS attacks on other web sites and sending spam. This can cause your computer to become part of several banned IP list and you may also receive a call from your ISP, telling you of the problem.

Even though you may not know you have a problem you will soon start to see the affects from it.

The hackers use of the daily news and stories from the celebrity gossip pages are how botnets are able to grow so quickly. They are able to take the average persons interest and turn it against them. Even computer savvy individuals fall for this attack.

No matter how smart you are, there is always going to be some type of headline that is going to cause you not to use the best judgement… we’ve all done it!

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