How Hackers Are Taking Advantage Of The Fantasy Football Craze This Season

There are many trends that come around in our lifetimes.

And when you are on the internet the trends will come and go even faster than in real life.

One of the trends that have taken over the internet through this time of the year is Fantasy Football.


Every year around this time the NFL starts up and a lot of men will start to take the laptop from their wife and kids so they can play.

There is a good reason why this happens every year.

Football is one of the biggest sports in the United States and playing Fantasy Football allows the viewer to become submerged into the game.

As you watch the games every week, you start to wonder about teams and players that have nothing to do with the teams that you usually cheer for.

Your start to become fascinated by the whole league and even watch ESPN (a sports news network) even take on a different meaning.

Unfortunately, when people start to become fascinated by something such as this and they become addicted, there are people on the internet that will take advantage.

That is what this article is about.

The black hat hackers that love to take advantage of the latest trends.

Now this latest trend just happens to be Fantasy Football.

Why does Fantasy Football make such an attractive target?

There are a couple of reasons why Fantasy Football makes a great target for black hat hackers.

It might not be obvious at first but once we start to show you then you will start to see how it can be effective.

Also, once you start to get in that mind state then you might discover a couple of ways on your own of how you can be vulnerable.

The first part that we will look at is how the black hat hackers will try to take advantage of your addiction to the game.

Even if you really just enjoy the game you can still fall for some of these.

When people are addicted then they will tend to click on anything that involves their addiction.

The hacker, for example, will try to set up a fake tool that will supposedly allow you be able to make better picks before the game.

A lot of these tools will have fake claims that should be obvious but sometimes is not.

They will say that if you use the tool then you will be able to win every Fantasy Football game that you play.

Most people will understand that something like that is impossible and will ignore it.

People who are addicted to the game will download the fake tool so that they can get every advantage that they can.

This is when the hack strikes.

Downloading this tool can put anything that the hacker wants onto your computer.

It can be something that will turn your computer into part of a zombie node or something even more nefarious.

Since they are getting your permission to install this tool on your computer they might even go deeper than a simple node.

They might try to place a tool on your computer that will allow them to see everything that is being typed into your computer.

This is called a keylogger and it can prove to be something that is very destructive to your finances.

But as we said, these are only a few tools that the hacker can use to be able to manipulate a target’s computer.

As we talk about the things that an attacker can download to your computer, let’s also not forget the pure web attacks that can happen.

We are seeing more and more these days that black hat hackers are using a web page and JavaScript to be able to deliver their attacks as well.

All they need to do is to get the target to their web site.

They are able to do that by offering something that the victim wants.

The one thing about a web attack is that it is easier to find victims than it is to get someone to download your attack.

With a pure web attack, all you have to do is to get the person to click on the link.

They do not have to download and install the attack as the one that we talked about earlier.

For the Fantasy Football fan, one so called “inside tip” can cause you to click on a bad link and have problems with your computer for the rest of the day.

To be able to stop these things from happening to your computer, even if you are a Fantasy Football fanatic, you must be careful of the links that you click.

Also, you must always be careful about the items that you download as well.

You must make sure that they come from a trusted source.

And even if they come from a trusted source, you must also be sure that you scan it with an antivirus as well.

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