How Far Would You Dare To Trust The Social Networks That You Use?

If you have been following the news lately you would have seen that Twitter was recently slapped down by the FTC for violations in their privacy agreement.

The problem for Twitter started when a hacker named Francois Cousteix was able to break into their systems and take control of a few celebrity Twitter profiles including one that was owned by then presidential candidate Barack Obama.

Twitter showed an alarming lack of security practices during that time.

There were account takeover’s being reported all of the time when this attack happened.

The company now claims that it was an issue of the past and that all of the new regulations that the FTC has forced upon it have already been taken care of in house since that time.

The company claims that they were young and that they didn’t have the capabilities at the time to stop such an attack.

But, even though this was a problem two years ago, it still begs the question, how much can you really trust social networks?

how much trust should you place in social networks?

how much trust should you place in social networks?

The Security Issues Of The Past

All of the popular social media web sites in the past five years have had some sort of problem when it comes to security.

The more popular the web site, the more pervasive the security issues were.

When MySpace was king of the hill when it came to the social networks they would always have problems when it came to security issues.

A person would be able to get their account taken away from them by a hacker in many ways.

One of the mains causes was the fact that MySpace used to allow the embedding of Flash in the comment post, meaning there could be cyber attacks just because someone decided to visit a profile.

This may have been a big reason why people were in a hurry to migrate over to Facebook.

The Security Issues Now

Even though it is not as easy as it was two years ago to be able to attack people on a social network, the threat still remains.

Everyday there are people on both Facebook and Twitter that have problems due to security issues.

Facebook has especially been hit hard by these problems in the last few months.

There are a ton of XSS and phishing attacks that are being propagated on Facebook every day and, just like on Myspace, these attacks allow an attacker to take over the person’s account.

Sometimes the results of the attacks are even worse.

Since more people are using their Facebook account as a replacement, or at the very least a complement, for their email account, they have more private information being stored inside of the service than they did on Myspace.

This makes the need for more security even more real on these types of services.

When you are using social media web sites you should always be aware of the cyber threats that can happen on the service.

Use them, but be careful on how you interact with the people on the site.

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Lee's non-technical background allows him to write about internet security in a clear way that is understandable to both IT professionals and people just like you who need simple answers to your security questions.


  1. Loaded question,,lol
    I use twitter but carefully cause they still have their problems sometimes.
    My Space, i think they are barely hanging on.
    Facebook, big security issues, esp with the apps, but i think they may be trying to correct that, an then there is the ‘like’ feature that has been causing problems. I still wouldnt trust them to far.

    I will stick with trusting my main S/N site – Multiply,, privacy and security are better than the others mentioned. Staff are users an accessible by all other users if need be.


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