How Does The Black Hat Hacking Community Fund Itself?

They say that you know that you have the love to do something when you are willing to do it for free. That no matter how much of a profit you make, you take your work just as seriously. And that is true. When you have a love of a recreational activity you just feel it in your bones. You are compelled to do it even if it feels like it is against your will. This is how a lot of hackers feel about the job that they do. They love what they do and most of them already do it for free.

But there comes a certain point in all hackers’ lives where they must start to take responsibility for the people that are around them. They start to grow up and now have a wife and kids to support. At this point there are two ways that they can go. They can either become a white hat hacker and get a job helping corporations and governments secure their systems. Or they can go the other way and become a black hat hacker. You get hundreds of hackers every year making this type of decision and it never gets any easier.

How Does The Black Hat Hacking Community Fund Itself?

The profit motive of a black hat hacker

You might be asking yourself why anyone would choose the life of a black hat hacker. Who would want to spend all of that time looking over their shoulder waiting to be caught by the police or rival criminal crews? There is so much danger now in the criminal underground hacking crowd that you are no longer dealing with just other computer nerds. No, there are real life criminals who are involved with this business now. And they come from all across the world. And if they feel that you are getting in the way of their action then they will take steps to solve the problem. So why get into that part of the life of a hacker?

Just like anything else in life, it is the amount of money that is involved with the black hat side of hacking. While you can make a very good living becoming a white hat hacker, if you are successful then you can make 10x as much by being a black hat hacker.

There are so many ways to be able to scam people online that it is no wonder that there is so much money to be made. You can run a scam where you are taking the credit card numbers off of a POS machine somewhere in the middle of Iowa. Or you can get that same credit card number by running a phishing scheme on one of your many web sites. No matter what you try to do, if you have nerves of steel and a great amount of technical knowledge then there is no limit to the amount that you can get done.

But those are just some of the oldest scams that are pulled by black hat hackers. If you are a black hat hacker who is on the edge then you are already figuring out ways to scam Bitcoins for example. You are also trying to add your corrupted software to IPhones and Android based phones. If you want to make money in the business you have to be ahead of your competition and usually the smartest hackers have no problem with this.

The networks

And believe it or not there are many networks out there that are willing to help you with this. Some of them are legitimate and they just turn a blind eye on the dark part of their business. But there are others who fully know what is going on and they almost encourage it. They do not care how they get the eyeballs on their product just as long as they do.

Plus some of these same ad networks are running scams of their own. They might take an open source project and put their own spyware in there. Or they might skim the leads that they are given by the affiliates and use it for their own purposes. No matter, it is shady all up and down the line but people stay in it because there is such a great amount of money to be made.

So as you can see, while some hackers make a living as a white hat hacker, there are plenty of them who decide to go down the black hat path. And you have to think about international black hat hackers as well. Not all governments punish the same when it comes to hackers. So if you have a government that is more lenient when it comes to online crimes then there is a good chance that you will see more black hat hackers from that part of the world.

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