How Does Identity Theft Happen?

Many people often ask how does identity theft happen.

Knowing how these criminals get access to your details will help you become more knowledgeable and find ways of protecting yourself.

There are plenty of ways that identity thieves can use to access your most personal information.

The objective for these fraudsters is to get their hands on to either your credit card or bank account details.

Having this in your thoughts will make you put in the extra effort to guard your information as well as your cash.

Some of the ways they use to steal your personality include the internet which has slowly become the most popular way.

how does identity theft happen?

how does identity theft happen?


It is usually done through what is best known as phishing, this usually occurs when a criminal approaches you by e-mail pausing as a company you do business with or have dealings with making you less questionable since you know and trust them and will quickly issue them with all the details they require.

They often ask for credit or bank account details.

To begin with they manage to get their hands on your details through various companies or organizations by illegally obtaining your records from your employer which can be done through false pretense.

A good example is by the criminal approaching your employer as an IRS agent; this makes it easy for them to obtain all the information they need to know about you and without any problems.

They also sweet talk an employee with either cash or other gifts so that they can steal the details from them.

Direct Computer Access

Most of these criminals are quite knowledgeable on how to operate a computer; therefore they use their knowledge to penetrate a company’s records and steal all the information they need.

Whether dealing with a company or an individual’s confidential information, it is highly necessary to completely shred copies of documents that contain sensitive information before disposing them.

This is because identity thieves go to the extent of going through piles of garbage thrown from offices or homes, an act referred to as dumpster diving.

Your private details can also be retrieved from your mail.

To avoid these details against falling in the wrong hands ensure you get all your letters on time from the mail box and in case you travel or will not be around you can inform the post office before hand to keep your mail for you until you return.

Whenever you pay out your bills, avoid sending them from home and go directly to either from the post office or the community mail box.

They also get your ATM card details when your card is being swiped.

They install a machine capable of storing all necessary details.

This procedure is better known as skimming.

They often steal wallets and women’s handbags where various cards including bank cards are usually kept.

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