How Do I Remove The Conficker Virus?

how do I remove the Conficker virus?

If you are one of the millions who have recently found the Conficker virus on their computer, it is likely that your only concern now is how to get rid of it.

First off, you deserve kudos for diagnosing its presence on your system since many people overlook the dormant but deadly virus until it is too late and their operating systems have been destroyed.

how do I remove the Conficker virus?

how do I remove the Conficker virus?

However, the fact that you have been observant and caught it out does not mean that your worries are over; in fact, they have probably just begun.

For starters, if you have more than one computer in your home you should not transfer any removable devices between the computers until you have deleted the Conficker virus.

This is because the virus has a Variant B which will hide in removable devices and then attack during an auto-run function.

So your very initial action should be to control the reach of the Conficker virus within your own home.

Next, because the Conficker virus will disable your anti-virus programs and automatic updates, you need to out think the strand by downloading anti-virus software in your email.

The virus will prevent you from accessing any anti-virus websites that offer you the security patch to eliminate the threat or download the software to destroy it.

However, it will not prevent you from opening your email so if you send yourself a download to erase the Conficker virus from another source you should be able to access and start the download to clean your system.

If this does not work, you may want to take your computer to a computer expert who specializes in deleting viruses because you may need to have your computer reformatted, which can be a dangerous job for a computer novice.

Plus, if the job is not properly executed, you risk losing your data as well as re-infecting your system again with the Conficker virus once reformatting is complete.

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