How Do I Remove Conficker After It Disables My Antivirus?

removing Conficker after it disables your antivirus

The Conficker virus differs from other viruses online because it is one of the few malicious worms that have already learned how to protect themselves from deletion.

One of the first steps that all of the different variants of the virus take is to disable all antivirus software and updates that you may have on your operating system.

removing Conficker after it disables your antivirus

removing Conficker after it disables your antivirus

This ensures that the hole it entered through stays open so that it can continue to host and download files on your computer without any interference.

Additionally, once you have the Conficker virus, it pays close attention to your browsing habits, disabling your entry to any websites such as Microsoft or anti-virus websites that could help you rid your system of it.

So, if the virus itself prevents you from reaching any type of aid, how do you get rid of it once you have it?

Well, there is no set way to remove the Conficker virus from your computer since there are different variants that attack in different manners but there are a few basic tips that may help you remove it on your own before it destroys your operating system.

Many people have found a way around its limited browsing stipulations by having a friend email them an anti-virus download or the Conficker security patch.

While you may no longer be able to access a downloadable removal service for the virus from your computer, you are still able to access software in your email, so this may be an effective way to attack the virus.

You may also consider taking your computer to a computer repair technician if you are suspicious you have the Conficker virus because the longer you allow it to feed on your system the more irreparable the damage it is likely to cause.

If all else fails, reformatting is always effective, but be careful when transferring files to an external storage space because variant B of the Conficker virus will ride along on your storage card to make sure it can re-infect your computer when you reload your files.

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