How Do I Keep My USB Data Encrypted?

There are several options that are available to you now, that allow you to be able to store your files in other places beside your local hard drive.

You can burn the data onto blank DVD’s, buy a second external hard drive, or use a USB thumb drive.

USB encryption protection

While the local hard drive is nice, sometimes you either want to transport the file or allow your local drive not to be filled up with certain data.

Out of the options that I listed, the most secure way to store your extra data is to use a USB thumb drive.

There are plenty of programs that are available that will help you keep your data encrypted on these types of drives.

I will list a few of them.

Data Encryption

USB drives are very important to keep secured.

Most of the time when people use a USB thumb drive, they are going to use it on a foreign computer otherwise known as a computer that is not their own.

That is one of the main benefits of using a thumb drive.

There is no software that needs to be installed to be able to use it on someone else’s computer.

You just plug it in and go.

For this very same reason, there is a huge security concern when it comes to using the drive.

If someone steals the USB drive from you then they will be able to easily see the data that you have collected on the drive.

This is why you must install good encryption protection on the thumb drive.

Rohos Mini Drive

The first piece of software out of the gate is the Rohos mini drive.

It is an easy to set up piece of software that will run an encryption grid on your USB drive.

The program has come with very high marks and is considered easy to use.

It will take over 15 minutes in the initial set up and encrypt files that are already on the drive but after that you are ready to go.

The encryption that it uses is not the strongest but it would keep out the normal observer.

If you think that you will need something that is stronger than I suggest going with the next option.


Another piece of software that is known to get the job done on this front is Truecrypt.

The Truecrypt program is considered a top piece of software in this area and will allow you to feel more secured when you are traveling with your USB drive.

Truecrypt is not only used for USB drives but it is one of it’s main features that people use it for.

The Truecrypt program does not encrypt your whole USB drive, only one container in it.

Once you put a file in this folder is is considered encrypted and can not be used by anyone without a password.

Overall this is considered one of the top programs in its field and comes highly recommended as well.

These are a couple of ways that you can keep your USB data secured.

It is very important that you remember to do this because if your USB drive is ever lost or stolen then all of your data on there will be exposed.

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  1. As I hear there were found vulnerability in Kingston and Sandisk encrypted USB drives. Hardware encryption is no longer that flawless and there are many doubts among users.

  2. Thanks for sharing Edna, that certainly looks interesting.

  3. You got some great ideas here.Personally I’m a big fan of getting the final product – Sandisk’s encrypted USB drives do the job pretty well.


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