How Do I Choose The Best Windows Registry Cleaner?

choosing the best Windows registry cleaner

Have you been having new and interesting, but ultimately annoying, problems with your computer lately?

Perhaps your computer has slowed down over a period of time and you have hardly noticed those errors that seem to occur more and more frequently.

Well, it may not be a virus or a nasty piece of software that is causing the problem.

It may, in fact, be errors in your Windows registry.

choosing the best Windows registry cleaner

choosing the best Windows registry cleaner

If your computer is slowing down or misbehaving then you are not alone as it happens to most machines over time.

Errors in your Windows registry can be fixed manually but I certainly wouldn’t recommend it as mistakes can lead to some serious problems.

Besides, it is quite a simple task to download a Windows registry repair utility that can sort the mess out for you.

If you choose the right Registry Cleaner then it won’t cost the earth and will happily run in the background with the minimum of setting up.

The trick, of course, is to choose the right Registry Cleaner in the first place.


Almost all of the Registry Cleaners I know of can be downloaded for free and will run a scan without costing you a cent.

Only if they find any problems will you be prompted to but the product but even then they are quite inexpensive.

This means that you can identify whether the problems you are having are related to the registry or not without having to part with any money up front.

If the scan does detect any errors then you will be able to download the cleaning program there and then.


I would say that it is essential that you pick a Registry Cleaner that allows you to backup your Windows Registry before any repairs are undertaken.

This will give you peace of mind as you will know that your computer can be restored to it’s previous state in the unlikely event that anything goes wrong.

Backing up the registry with a cleaning program is a simple affair if you choose the right program.

You may also want to choose a Registry Cleaner that gives you a level of control over which, if any, repairs it will effect.

This will allow more advanced users to choose which errors they wish to repair whilst novice users can still simply fix all the errors at once.


Finally, the best Windows registry repair utilities will provide ongoing scanning so that they can detect any new errors that occur as soon as possible.

This will help you keep your computer running smoothly and as quickly as possible in the future.

I personally recommend Registry Easy for fixing registry errors as it ticks all the boxes I mentioned above.

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