How Do I Block Pop-Up Ads?

It is certain that all of us come across popup windows once in a while we are surfing on the internet.

It feels really annoying when something stupid interrupts your endeavor appearing from nowhere.

These are called Pop-Up ads.


The specialty of these ads is that you need to manually click on them to close each.

Pop-up ads need to be avoided and blocked to all extents possible because many scammers try to invade in to your personal details like passwords, credit card details and bank account details using these pop-up ads.

Thus, a pop-up blocker becomes inevitable and highly indispensable.


A pop-up blocker is a program that stops these unwanted ads to come up during your browsing.

The pop-up blocker is installed in the web browser.

Most browser packages have them pre-installed and those not having them can be upgraded by downloading a pop-up blocker of your choice from the free software sites.

Pop-up blocker not only prevents these annoying ads to opening in a new window but even protects you from a possible identity theft and personal information theft.

Pop-up blockers have additional features for the people who want to view the pop-up ads of particular sites.

For this they need to enable the view pop-up ads for that particular site.

Many types of pop-up blockers with unique features are available online.

You can buy as per your needs.

However, some of the most basic types of pop-up blockers are free and can be downloaded from any of the popular sites.

An additional advantage of using pop-up blockers is that you can prevent your computer from becoming slow or being infected from malware, spyware or any virus.

This prevents your pc from getting slow.

Choose an effective pop-up blocker as soon as possible and get rid of unwanted content to make your browsing experience delightful.

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Lee's non-technical background allows him to write about internet security in a clear way that is understandable to both IT professionals and people just like you who need simple answers to your security questions.


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