How Do I Backup My New Windows 7 Computer?

In this day and age people are relying more and more on their computers to be able to do their jobs but they are still not paying enough attention to backing them up.

Yet every computer user’s worst fear is that something will mess their computer up and they will not be able to access their files.


That is why cloud computing is perhaps becoming such an attractive offer.

It allows you to back up your files on a remote server.

This lessens the chances that all your data will be destroyed by a catastrophe as it won’t all be kept in the same one place.

For other people local back up storage may be an alternative for them to consider.

Backing Up With Windows 7

Windows 7 offers you several different ways to back up your files.

I will go over a couple of them now –

If you hit start and look to your right you will see the button that will lead to you to the control panel.

Click on it and then look at the top where it says ‘System and Security’.

Here you will see the option to back up your computer.

Click on this and it will take you to the backup area of your computer.

Once you are there you will see that two options are being given to you.

The first option is to back up your computer, which is what you want.

The second option is to set a restore point on your computer.

(This is similar to backing up your computer but instead of just certain files this option actually creates an image of how your entire computer looks at that moment in time).

If you subsequently had a problem you could then restore your computer back to how it was at the time you last created a restore point – a very useful feature but not what we are looking for right now.

So now that we are again looking at the back up option lets go ahead and press ‘Set up backup’.

Once you click that button it will ask you where you want to save your back up to.

Pick the drive or Network that you want to save your file information to.

After that, Windows will ask you if you want to choose exactly what is backed up or whether you would like windows to choose for you.

It is up to you which option is best for you but just remember that if you let Windows pick the backup then it will skip formatted Fat files, and files that are in the “program files” folder.

After Windows 7 asks you whether would you like to review the files or not, you can then watch as it starts to backup your files.

When it finishes the backup the data will be stored in a backup folder and you will be able to access it anytime you need it.

You can either restore all of the files that you backed up or you just a single file.

Hopefully the short tutorial above will give you a good idea how to backup your computer using Windows 7.

The backup feature is a great way to feel secure about your data, knowing that it is safe.

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