How Do Hackers Use Honey Pots To Turn The Tables Against The Security Researchers?

When you live in a world where you are constantly having to look over your shoulder so that you do not go to jail then you are going to become real creative on how you avoid getting caught.

This fact is especially true for black hat hackers.

Hackers, by nature, are some of the smartest and most cunning people on the earth – their whole life revolves around solving a puzzle.

For black hat hackers, most of the time this puzzle includes figuring out how to try and break into someone’s computer and download the information that they need.

This time the puzzle that they are trying to solve is how to avoid getting caught.

Some of the most ingenious hackers out there have found an interesting solution to combat this particular problem – they have now turned one of the security researchers’ own techniques against them – the black hat hackers have started to put honey pots into some of the projects that they release.

This way, they are able to control the information that the security professional actually does see.

In this article, I will take a look at honey pots and I will try to see how this technique actually works.

After that is revealed to you, you and your security professional at the job might think about using some of the techniques yourself to help protect your network.

smart hackers now use their own honey pots

smart hackers now use their own honey pots

What Is A Honey Pot?

Before I go any further I need to explain what a honey pot is.

For most people the term honey pot brings up an image of something in the backyard that collects the honey from bees in a private collection.

That is sort of the case with how I am using the term as well but, instead of real life honey, the item inside of the honey pot is data.

The reason why the term honey pot is used is because of how everyone wants the data inside.

It is very similar to how people are ready to risk being stung so that they can collect the honey from a real life honey pot.

Well in the honey pot that that I am talking about, security researchers put out the word in the hacker underground that there is a server that holds a good amount of interesting information.

They then wait for someone to bite on the information and then pounce on them.

When the hacker first encounters the honey pot it looks like any other server on the internet.

The security researchers put security on the device so that the hacker is not suspicious when they go in; they want to learn how the hacker operates so they cannot make the traps too easy.

If they make it too easy the hacker will not have to pull out his bag of tricks and they want him to do that so that they can see what he is doing and fortify themselves against it.

If you do this and they spend a little time in there and you feel satisfied that you have got all of the answers that you want then it is now time to take that information and send it to the authorities.

Your trap worked and now you have a black hat hacker on the hook.

The Bad Guys Are Using Honey Pots Too

Since the honey pot technique has worked so well against black hat hackers in the past, the hackers have decided to turn the tables.

As I said earlier, the hacker is a very clever person in most cases so they are the perfect people to come up with such out of the box thinking.

They load up a honey pot that will lure security researchers.

They put a bunch of fake data into the server and hope that a security researcher comes along and finds it.

They especially want one who has been on their trail for real criminal activity that they might be involved in.

They put so much data in there that it delays the security researchers from looking for the real criminal for several days.

And let’s not forget the data that they might put in there that is encrypted.

They are hackers so they know how to use encryption well.

Putting encryption on fake data only serves to infuriate the security researcher because it delays them even longer.

With the bad guys using honey pots, they are now able to turn the tables on security researchers and not only delay them from looking at real crimes but to also learn from them as well.

They can see the techniques of how a particular security researcher goes about trying to figure out the mystery that they laid before him.

The black hat hacker can learn from that and try to mold his attacks a little bit better in the future.

The name of the game is about learning and the more the two enemies learn about each other, the more complicated their battle is going to get.

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