How Dangerous Are Trojans When It Comes To Your Online Bank Account?

If you haven’t heard, there was a Trojan that was able to cause havoc to a bunch of customer’s bank accounts in Britain in the past couple of weeks.

The Trojan is known as Zeus v3 and the affect of the malware hit several thousand people.

The security experts in charge of finding the cause of this piece of malware have several leads and they think that it is coming from countries in Eastern Europe but they are not one hundred percent sure.

This is a good test case to show the power of Trojans and why they are so dangerous.


They are dangerous not just to your bank accounts but to other matters of your security as well.

I will take a good look at what Trojans are and why they are so dangerous.

This cautious tale in Britain should be enough to have your attention to read this article.

If you do not then you can easily fall victim to the next Trojan attack.

What Is A Trojan?

You hear about other pieces of malware out there and you may have even heard of a Trojan but you might not know what it is.

What makes it different from the other malware that is out there?

Actually, a Trojan might be the easiest malware to understand out of all of them.

Just like the epic Trojan horse of mythology, a Trojan allows another piece of malware to get past the security of a system by letting it ride on its back.

The Trojan will seem like an innocent piece of software but in reality it is hiding something that can truly harm your computer.

Even though you do not hear as much about them, Trojans are still widely used and hugely effective.

As long as you can use a Trojan to mask something worse then black hat hackers will always use this method of attack.

Trojans Are Increasingly Used For Financial Gain

Trojans are extremely dangerous these days because it seems like the packages that they hold are used to perform a specific kind of damage to your system.

In the past a Trojan was used to be able to shut down your system.

It was more for fun or for mischief.

Now that is no longer the case.

The Trojan is used more for monetary gains and they will try to hide their package as well as they can so they can be sure to execute.

If you or your antivirus software knows that the package is already on the system then it will not have a chance to do its damage.

This is why a Trojan is more sophisticated than ever.

It is made to be able to stop anyone from finding out about the malware that it is hiding by disabling your antivirus software and other tricks.

A Trojan when made well can be the most dangerous piece of malware out there next to a rootkit.

You need to make sure that the antivirus that you use is known for stopping these kinds of attacks.

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