How Could A New ATM Rootkit Turn The World Of Banking On It’s Head?

The world of banking online is a scary place.

People hear all of the news on television about the many break-ins that happen so, even though they may still do it, they are nervous about putting their numbers onto the site.

Many of these same people have no such apprehension when they use an ATM machine outside.

They feel no pressure that they are going to be robbed or that it is even dangerous to use but the fact is that there are more and more attacks being leveled at ATMs all of the time.

ATM Rootkits

The bad guys have found out that they are not as secured as people think, so they have found ways to bypass the security.

But for the average person there is even more disturbing news that is coming out about the safety of these machines – there are hackers that have figured out a way to place a Rootkit inside of an ATM machine.

This is bad news for everybody.

So far this attack is not in the wild and it was discovered by security researchers.

Even though it was only recently discovered it doesn’t mean that bad guys won’t have it soon – Black hat hackers are always trying to find new and creative ways to exploit anything that will make them money – so it is likely only a matter of time before they figure out how to do this as well.

Some people reading this story may have heard of a Rootkit but they do not realize how dangerous it really is.

A Rootkit allows a program to sit on a computer and not be able to be detected by the operating system or other software programs that normally detect viruses.

It takes a special software program to be able to detect a Rootkit so for someone to be able to install a Rootkit inside of an ATM machine is a big deal.

The rootkit could hide inside of it, functioning in a way that would allow the program to be able to capture the banking information of the people who are using the ATM machine.

It can then take that information and send it to a server that will store it.

Since the infection is a Rootkit it may be able to sit there for months at a time before anyone was able to discover it.

With that much time to sit there and gather information, it could possibly gather hundreds of thousands of banking credentials.

That is a lot of people that can be put at risk.

Luckily for us, the technology that goes into being able to detect a Rootkit has improved over the years – we are now able to detect them better than we were ever able to before.

Since we know that an ATM machine is now able to be attacked we can use this knowledge to come up with a solution before there is even a major problem.

The new ATM rootkit can cause major problems to the banking industry if not handled properly.

It also serves as a timely reminder that computer security applies to the real world too, not only the internet.

It is a good thing that we have the technology to combat this problem early on.

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  1. I quit using ATM’s years ago, but now i wonder about the pads in stores since they have been hijacked i tend to look at them closer.

    • Criminals, like virus writers, are always one step ahead of the countermeasures so, unless you are totally on your guard all the time, then chances are some scheme will get you some time or another.

      No technology is ever 100% secure.


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