How Common Is Identity Theft?

How common is identity theft?

For a long time it was not given much attention.

However, in recent times, things have had to change due to the fact that it has become quite rampant to the point where it has been rated as one of the crimes with the fastest growth compared to other crimes.

This type of theft can be grouped into various categories, some of which are more widespread than others.

how common is identity theft?

how common is identity theft?

Stealing Cash

Identity theft deals with stealing another person’s personal information and using it to either steal their cash or even committing crimes in this person’s name.

The most widespread form is account scam, this takes place when an individual uses someone else’s details to open a new credit account.

They will then receive a credit card which they can spend with no limits but in your name.

This means that by the end of the day you are the one liable to make the payments.

There is so much more that can be stolen from an individual other than details linked to your credit cards.

Some of these include your social security number, details on your driver’s license amongst many more.

Arrest Warrants

With your personal details they will be able to fake documents and commit crimes as you only to have your name listed on the state criminal database once they are charged and convicted.

Some of these criminals are known to plead guilty only to fail to show up for hearings, forcing the judge to place a warrant of arrest.

In such a case the only time the victim gets to know about it is when they are stopped for traffic checks.

This particular scam takes up about 40 percent of the various types of identity theft combined.

According to various pieces of research that have been carried out, it has been estimated that about 9 million people have been victims of identity theft at one time or another.

Company Databases

Companies usually keep records that contain private details of their employees, and this is where another form of identity theft takes place.

Criminals often find ways to access these records either will the help of an employee or hacking through the system.

With these details they are able to do countless things, from purchasing goods with your credit card to committing crimes under your name.

To avoid this it is important to regularly check on your credit card statements for any irregularities as it will help you cancel any of them before a certain period expires.

This crime has become so common, due to the fact that majority of those who steal other people’s identities often go scot free as they can never be traced and found.

The victims are usually the ones left behind dealing with the creditors.

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