How Can You Lessen The Chances Of Becoming A Computer Identity Theft Victim?

Thieves who steal your identity use numerous ways to ensure they carry out their criminal acts.

The best and most efficient device that they use is the computer.

Identity theft, especially computer identity theft, has become one of the easiest way for criminals to steal other peoples money.

A good number of online hackers use fake websites and emails to dupe unsuspecting surfers to giving out their private information, usually by portraying themselves as people working with the IRS or some financial institution.

They do this in order to quickly win the trust of their victim and avoid being asked too many questions regarding why they need their personal details.

They will mostly ask for current home addresses, social security details and bank account numbers.

People who fall into these scams instantly have their bank accounts cleaned out as well their identities taken and transactions made using their credit card details.

This information is quite disturbing, especially when you think about how much computers are a part of our daily lives these days.

your contribution to computer identity theft

your contribution to computer identity theft

Computer Identity Theft And The Mistakes You Make

The most disturbing part of this is the fact that a large number of people unsuspectingly place themselves in harm’s way, even without the internet.

This often happens when an individual either donates their computer, throws it away, or puts it up for sale – most of your personal information is usually stored in the hard disk and this is one easy way they can use to access your information, steal your identity and get their hands on your money.

Individuals who work in the military should include that fact in their credit folder, this usually remains there for about 12 months and makes it harder for anyone trying to use your details to apply for credit.

This is because the creditors will make it their business to confirm and ensure that it is actually you applying for the loan and not someone else just using your details.

Avoid enrolling yourself into online credit marketing lists though bureaus as they put all this information together, making it quite easy for identity thieves to access them and use them fraudulently and, in case you are listed, you should make an effort of asking them to remove you immediately.

Computer identity thieves are people who are really knowledgeable about computer dealings, in most cases even more so than you.

This is because they are capable of finding information from your computer that you thought did not exist, especially if you mistakenly believe you have deleted that information.

The good news is that there are various things you can do to prevent your details from getting into the wrong hands.

To begin with you, before selling or donating your computer, take out the hard drive.

To dispose of the hard drive you should either keep it under lock and key or completely obliterate it.

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  1. i have just recieved an email from the inland revenue that says im due a refund of £235 and links me to another official looking page which ask for all my bank details and credit/debit card details


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