How Can You Find Out If Someone Has Stolen Your Identity?

How Can You Find Out If Someone Has Stolen Your Identity?

Identity theft is a growing crime and one that I have warned about for a very long time and it’s effects are truly destructive. Perhaps you are already a victim but just don’t know it yet?

How Can You Find Out If Someone Has Stolen Your Identity?

The best way to determine if your identity has been stolen is to monitor all your financial accounts on a regular basis. That means actually paying proper attention to all those bank statements you receive, checking every entry and querying any that look unusual.

Additionally, you should request your credit report at least once every year and should study it carefully to see if anyone has been making fraudulent use of your credit.

Likewise, you should always read every statement you receive from your credit card companies for much the same reason.

If you find out that you have become an unfortunate victim of identity theft then time is of the essence – the quicker you act the less damage that is likely to be done. Having debt collectors turn up at your home, or being denied credit is no fun at all. Being charged higher rates of interest because someone else has ruined your credit report by not discharging debts is not something you want either. Therefore, you need to be pro-active in managing your identity because if you are not someone else will do it for you!

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