How Can You Be Sure That Your Antivirus Software Is Doing Everything That It Is Supposed To Do?

Your antivirus software does many things behind the scenes.

A lot of the things that it does you may not even realize that it is supposed to do.

But there are some things that you expect your antivirus to do and it doesn’t.

If you are a layman when it comes to the computer, how are you supposed to know if your antivirus software is doing the right thing or not?

Hopefully I can help you with that problem.

When it comes to your modern day antivirus software, there are several key features that you need for it to do its job right.

Just doing a simple scan over your computer is not enough with the modern bugs that we have.

Let’s go over some key features that you need to have to make sure that your software is doing the right thing.

is my antivirus program delivering what it promises?

is my antivirus program delivering what it promises?

Checking Your Email Account

These days your email account is very vulnerable to attack from the bad guys.

It may seem as if most of the attacks have moved on to more modern platforms such as social media web sites but that is not the case.

This is why your spam folder in your email account stays full all of the time.

To be sure that you are not going to be attacked through your email account you need software that is going to check what goes in and what comes out of it.

This is why the number one thing that your antivirus must do besides the usual scanning is to be able to check your email account.

It should be able to scan all attachments automatically and make sure that everything is safe.

Most modern day antivirus software offers this but usually it is in the paid version of the software.

Regular Updates

Another thing that your antivirus software should be doing is updating daily at the absolute minimum.

There are new attacks posted up on the internet several times a day and you need software that is going to recognize such attacks and try to stop them.

The only way that your software is going to know how to stop the new attacks is if it is patched and sent a new virus signature.

That is what the updates are, the company sending your software a file that shows it what the latest viruses look like.

So, to be sure that your system is protected, make sure that it is running an update every day or, better yet, get an antivirus program that utilises cloud security in order to get protection from new malware as and when it is discovered.

Other Antivirus Promises

Each piece of antivirus software comes with its own set of features that it promises that it does.

So you need to make sure that you check the web site of the software and make sure that the version that is installed on your system is doing everything that the package says it is supposed to do.

But before you complain that it is not doing what it says it will do, make sure that you are using the paid version of the software and not the free version.

Most of the time, the paid version will have all of the extra feature sets.

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