How Can Unfiltered Spam On Your Web Site Pose A Security Problem?

The problem with spam these days is not that it is everywhere. No, the problem with spam these days is that people are to used to it. That goes for the people who are viewing a web site and the people who are running a web site. A lot of people who run web sites don’t even try to fight it any more. If it is not spam that can be caught by any of the spam filters that they run on the web site then do not even bother erasing it. And this is very dangerous from a security point of view. Leaving spam on your web site can cause you to have serious security problems in the future.

How Can Unfiltered Spam On Your Web Site Pose A Security Problem?

How can spam be a security problem?

It is quite simple how spam can be a security problem. The links that are left for people to follow can be links to web sites that are ready to infect people. Spammers and black hat hackers have the same motivation and that is money. So if you tell a black hat hacker that he can make money by spamming a web site then he will do it. But he doesn’t spam affiliate ads. No he spams links that will allow web sites to send programs to take over your computer. No matter which browser that you use, there is a way for a smart hacker to get past the security and deliver a bomb to your computer.

If you own or run a web site then it is your job to make sure that the people who visit it are not put in harm’s way. The only way that you can do that is by making sure that you do the little things to keep the web site safe. And that is by removing all spam links for the comment sections of the web site. Even if the spam checker that you use did not catch it, there is a good chance that you know spam when you see it. Clean it up manually if you have to.

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