How Can The WebFilter Pro Chrome AddOn Help Protect My Family?

Are you looking for a simple way to keep your kids or other loved ones away from questionable content on the web?

Perhaps you are worried about your children watching porn, reading about drugs or looking for information related to violence?

If so, the WebFilter Pro addon for Chrome may provide you with some basic protection. You’ll see I’ve bolded the fact that it offers basic protection and thats because a determined kid can get around filtering like this without too much effort on their part so bear that in mind – this filter is probably better at protecting younger children.

WebFilter Pro

To get started you need to head over to the Chrome store where you can add WebFilter Pro to your Chrome browser.

Upon arrival you will see a part of the screen looks like the image below. I’ve already added WebFilter Pro to Chrome, hence the message I’ve highlighted. You will see a blue button saying, “Add to Chrome” which you will need to click on.


One you’ve done that whenever you open a new browser window you’ll see a new icon in the top right hand corner which indicated that WebFilter Pro is in operation. You can see that button below:


If you right click on it you’ll be able to access the settings page:


Here you can enable a password for the addon as well as selecting/deselecting what sort of content you wish to block.

As I mentioned before, older kids will likely know how to disable this addon but younger ones probably won’t. Therefore, this addon may be a free and simple solution for some, but not all, parents who wish to prevent their children accessing questionable material on the web.

Download WebFilter Pro here:

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