How Can Silent Updates By Companies Lead To Massive Holes In Your Operating Systems Security?

I doubt that there is any major software company out there that has not had their product compromised at some point. Most, if not all, of the major players, no matter which one that you think of, have all been victims at one point in time.

So the fact that some of these companies do silent updates to your computer can not sit well if you are a user that is concerned about security.


Most of these companies offer multiple software products that you can use. Some of them are for free and others come at a cost.

If any of their software is able to be subverted by an outside force, then they can leave your computer a sitting duck. This is a real danger if they choose to upload the new attack to your computer without you knowing about it.

Silent Updates

Silent updates on a computer seem like a good idea on paper but in reality they can cause your computer a world of trouble if not handled right.

If you are a person who is not that familiar with a computer and how it works, then you might be confused as in what I am talking about which is kind of funny since the feature that I am talking about was made for people like you!

A silent update is when a software company upgrades your program without you knowing about it.

When you install the program for the first time they may give you a little warning that they are going to do this but after that, you never hear from it again.

Some software companies will offer you a chance to be able to turn the automatic feature off but most of them will not offer you that option.

If your computer is compromised because of an automatic update that they did, then all they will tell you is that they warned you that it could happen in the agreement that you put the check mark on when you first installed the program.

There are very few programs that a silent update may be a good idea for and I really mean very few.

Antivirus is a good example of a software update that is justified in installing without your knowledge as it is there to protect you and if you miss even one install then you may be in trouble.

Some people argue and say that operating systems fall under this as well.

The counter point to that is that the operating systems can take you down for a long time if there is something wrong with their update.

If you have a nag that tells you it is going to install, then you can look at the version and make sure that everything is OK.

If not, your computer has now been taken over and there is nothing much you can do about it

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  1. This is the main reason I use ZoneAlarm. Allows easy access to block all internet traffic – that’s the best defense, has automatic trust mode and allows monitoring process accesses to “networks” not just WAN interface, Oh and free. You could install this to isolate any particular machine from all or specific networks and processes below that.


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