How Can Security Conferences Help To Keep My Computer Safer?

Some people do not like for hackers to sniff out vulnerabilities in systems for any reasons.

No matter if the hacker is a black hat or a white hat, they feel that it is wrong.

They feel that exposing the vulnerability to the world makes the whole system unsafe and that it gives the bad guys a chance to do damage to innocent users of computers.

Other people feel that if you find and disclose vulnerabilities of the system, then you can create a safer environment for all, by forcing the creator of the software’s hand.

Public knowledge of a weakness in their system would not look good for business, so they do what they can to get the situation patched up.

At this point, I think there is plenty of proof that the latter is true.

When people who found the security holes were keeping it to themselves and only telling the vendor, the problem would take months, maybe even years to get fixed.

For the most part, this is no longer the case.

boost security by attending conferences

The Power Of Security Conferences

Now with the advent of the many security conferences out there, new weaknesses are being exposed all of the time and it is now up to the software vendors to provide the fix in a set amount of time.

Where before, there were only a small number of security conferences that would happen every year, there are now dozens, maybe even hundreds.

The conferences range in different sizes from the ones that fit thousands of people, to the ones that can only hold a couple of dozen.

All of these conferences offer something new in helping to alert the public of vulnerabilities that might be in the software that they use.

Even the types of conferences that are out there have a wide variety.

There are some conferences that are held, that are mainly for professionals in the field, especially professionals that deal with corporate and law enforcement.

There are other conferences out there that allow anyone to participate, no matter if they are a professional or someone off of the street – as long as they have a good idea and can back up their premise, they can present their piece to the crowd.

When these security conferences happen, there are always new system holes that are presented to the crowd.

Some of these holes are technical in nature, while other holes are social, where you have to trick another person (social engineering).

No matter what type of hole it is, these conferences help shed light on the problem.

Most of the time, the people that are presenting the vulnerabilities will give a warning to the company that made the software.

This way, they are able to fix the problem before it goes public.

But the company knows that they only have a set amount of time to fix the problem and they can not rely on the problem to just go away.

Security conferences allow people to present problems that are in software and hopefully get the companies to fix the problems in a timely fashion.

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  1. I’m fortunate to live near London so the openings are there but I just never seem to have time off work when they are on 🙁

    • The closest ones to me when they are held are about 100 miles away. On the weekend thats not so much of a problem, the problem is they are closed many by invite only i suppose. Puts a damper on going to them.

  2. I wish they had more conventions around me that were open ones, i sure would attend a couple every year just to learn more.


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