How Can PasswordCard Help Me To Secure My Passwords And Remember Them?

Do you need to create or remember dozens of secure passwords? Unless you are an internet hermit then the answer to that is probably YES. Unless of course you only use one password for all your logins in which case you’ll soon get what you deserve no doubt.

If you do want many different secure passwords and an equally secure means of remembering them then read on.


How handy would it be if you could record your passwords on something the size of a credit card which will mean absolutely nothing to anyone who picks the card up? Well, you can. Just head over to to get started.


On you are given a random selection of numbers, symbols and colours in a small chart as you can see above. At the bottom of the chart is a string – b7b76O0dc9aa3fe5 – in my case. This may be worth writing down as you can input it on the site at any time to regenerate the same grid again.

Using the chart you can now pick a random string for your password by, say, picking the column with an exclamation mark and then choosing the red line and 8 entries. In other words, you remember Spade/Red/8/Left (easy) and then cross reference the chart to see that your password is xHuuLQgP (not so easy to recall).

I can see PasswordCard this having its uses but they may be quite limited. What do you think?

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