How Can Malwarebytes Help Me To Keep My System Clear Of Viruses And Malware?

We see malware all of the time.

We see it on the news; we see it talked about on the web sites that we visit.

Worst of all, we see it on our computer every now and then.

Even if you are the most paranoid person in the world when it comes to the security of your computer you will probably still find a piece of malware on it.

how can Malwarebytes help me keep my computer secure?

how can Malwarebytes help me keep my computer secure?

Based on how computers and the internet work today having your computer pick up some form of malware seems inevitable.

Luckily, we have software out there that will help turn the tide on the bad guys.

No matter if it comes to blocking the bad software off of your computer or removing them if they happen to get by, one of the best tools out there is a piece of software known as Malwarebytes.

In this article I will explain what malware is and how Malwarebytes can help.

What Is Malware And How Does It Affect My System?

Malware is pretty much a new word that has been released in the English language.

It basically is the term that you use when you are talking about all of the bad things that can infect your computer.

These are things such as Trojans, Worms, Rootkits, and the one infection that I am sure that you have heard of, Viruses.

So, instead of having to talk about each type of infection individually, we just use the word malware to describe all of them.

They affect your system by harming your ability to work on it.

Sometimes they will cause your system not to work at all but that is not the worst thing that they can do to you.

The worse thing that they can do is if you do not know that they are there, they can leak out private information about you.

To keep that from happening there is one piece of software that is head and shoulders above the others.

Why Do I Need Malwarebytes?

To be able to stop those types of infections from happening you need the right kind of software.

Some of the antivirus software that is on the market will block a few of these threats effectively but Malwarebytes is one that is able to take on all of the bad guys.

There is a free version and a paid version.

Both versions are able to scan all of the bad software that is out there but I recommend installing the paid version on your system.

The free version is not able to scan threats on a real time basis.

That means that the threats will only be eliminated once you run a scan.

With the paid version, the threats would be eliminated automatically.

If you are looking for software that is going to help you keep your computer clean, then Malwarebytes is a good one to look at.

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  1. Strykerdlh says:

    I use Malwarebytes and always recommend it to others. Good post Lee!

  2. One of my favorite programs, an i let others know they should be using it.


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