How Can I Use The AVG Rescue CD To Clean An Infected Windows Installation?

If you have any experience in fixing your own computer than at one point in time you have probably had to use a Boot CD to repair something that was wrong with your operating system.

Most of the time it was some type of infection but it could also be other problems such as a file that was configured wrongly or that had became corrupted.

Boot CD’s could be a pain to deal with but most of the time they were able to get the job done.

Even though the Boot CD has never left the computer repair public conscience it has been replaced somewhat by other methods that people could use to fix a problem on their computer.

These methods include the ever popular bootable thumb drive but now we have a resurrection of sorts with the release of the AVG Rescue CD.

It has everything that you would need to save a PC that has been infected by a virus.

using the AVG Rescue CD to repair a borked system

The AVG Rescue CD

The CD has several technologies that you can use to save a PC that is on the ropes from infections.

It is hard to be able to use a computer once it has been infected with a very bad virus.

Trying to do work on such a system can be a forlorn task.

That includes trying to clean out the infected files from inside of the computer.

So to be able to get the infection off of the computer you have to boot up from another device and not the hard drive.

After you boot up from this other device you can now look at the host drive from a different perspective than just your main system’s hard drive.

You can now run a scan on the system without worrying about the results being compromised.

The boot disk is acting as if it was a second computer and your hard drive has nothing to do with it.

It can clean whatever is wrong with the disk and allow you to boot up once more.

The AVG Rescue CD Deals With More Than Just Viruses

The AVG Rescue CD will handle more than just a bad virus.

If you have a bad case of spyware on your computer and you want to make sure that you got all of it out then you should reach for this CD as well.

It may be able to reach places that your normal anti-spyware cannot.

It also has a whole host of other system recovery tools that will allow you to get to the bottom of anything else that is wrong with your system.

There is no need to tolerate a system that is messed up if you do not have to.

Using the AVG Rescue CD can allow your computer to experience a second chance at life.

Just when you may have thought it was dead, taken over by the bad guys, AVG gives it mouth to mouth resuscitation.

Just remember that from this point on, do what you can to secure your computer.

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