How Can I Use Software To Teach Me How To Find Security Vulnerabilities?

One of the good things about software in this day and age is that there is always something out there that will teach you how to do whatever it is that you need to get done.

If you need to learn how to cook then there is software out there that will show you how to do that.

If you need to learn how to build a car then there is software out there that will show you how to do that as well.

But the best thing that software can show you is how to build and protect other software.

security vulnerabilities

There is a whole host of software tools that will show you how to protect your computer.

It will also take you beyond that and show you how to become a security professional.

In this article I will go over several of these software tools so that you can be on your way to knowing how to protect yourself online.

Learning How To Find Holes In Programs

When a lot of wannabe hackers, black hat and white hack, are starting out, the first thing that they want to try and do is to hack a program.

They want to be able to change some way that that the program works or get past the validation code that shuts people out of the program unless they pay.

For a hacker, learning how to do this will keep their own code more secure and stop people from being able to get around their security.

They learn from the mistakes of others.

To do this you would use a combination of programs called Crackme and Ollydbg.

CrackMe is a program that is made simply for the sake of people being able to learn how to crack it, there is no other reason for it to exist.

The other program called Ollydbg is an advanced debugger that will allow you to both look at the inner code and change it in places that you need to.

It will not give you the source code but it will allow you to see the assembly that is running behind it.

Once you do this you are on your way to being able to keep your own programs more secured.

Another piece of software that will teach you how to find security vulnerabilities are the many Linux distributions that come with holes on purpose.

There are several Linux distros that people have set up that are not secured on purpose.

The reason that they are like this is so that an individual or a professor will show their class or themselves how to find these holes or they will show them the holes directly so that the student can see what they look like.

Operating systems like this are a great learning tool and something that you should really think about taking a look at.

If you have a chance to become a better security or software professional by looking at these programs then you should really do it.

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