How Can I Use An Automated Web Scanner To Make Sure That My Company’s Web App Is Secured?

If you are part of mid- to large- sized organization then you probably use web applications that are not part of the larger internet.

There are many companies that have internal intranets, and they have programs that only people inside of the company can see.

Even though they are harder to get to, these applications can be exploited.

Sometimes even easier than an application that is hosted for public use.

If a black hat hacker is able to get inside of the system he can use these web apps to create havoc for the company.

He could steal data or use the application as an exploit center to get to another, more sensitive, part of the network.

Protecting Your Web Applications With A Web Based Scanner

If you are the person that is in charge of these applications, then you can stop this from happening.

You can use a web based scanner to protect your web application.

A couple of days ago, Google released a tool known as Skipfish.

(ethicalhack3r wrote an interesting analysis of Skipfish you may want to read up on)

This tool is an automated scanner that will go through your files and try to find any vulnerabilities that may be in those files.

It will go through the files and try to find known security bugs that may exist in your program.

Once it finds the bugs, it will give you a warning that they are there.

Applications such as this will also give you suggestions on how to fix some of the more common bugs.

This is a new tool for Google, but it is not the first, nor maybe not even the best tool, that is out there right now that performs this type of job.

Choosing The Right Tools For Your Security Arsenal

There are others and they have been around for a long time now.

Some of these tools are more expressive than the others.

They may run through several different attack vectors that the others may not.

You should test a few of them out before you decide which tool you would like to keep in your security arsenal.

When a developer releases a product inside of their companies network, sometimes they do not run the proper security test that they need to.

This is why it is easier for a black hat hacker to exploit an intranet application once they are inside of the system, than an application that is facing public by use of the internet.

Using an automated web scanner, there is no excuse for the developer to not test their product now.

Most of these tools make it it easy for you to run the scanner over your program and find any security flaws that may be in it.

This avoids you having to do a manual audit of the program yourself.

So make sure that yo check it, so that you can help keep your company’s intranet a little bit safer.

If you are developer, or a person that takes care of the security for your company, you want to make sure that all applications that the company releases are ran through a security audit.

This includes the use of a web scanner.

A black hat hacker will use any advantage that they can, this includes the exploit of an internal application as well.

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