How Can I Use A Virtual Machine To Protect My Computer?

the benefits of a virtual machine

If you are a person who works with a computer on a daily basis then you will gather a lot of data on your computer that you are going to want to keep secure.

The first level of protecting your data is to create back ups that will make sure that your data is available if anything goes wrong.

Also, if your operating system supports it, you can create a kind of restore point for your data and installed programs on your computer.

This will create an image that will bring your computer to its form on the date of the restore point that you set.

the benefits of a virtual machine

the benefits of a virtual machine

Virtual Machine

If you do not have time for that or a back up, a great way to protect your data when you are surfing the web or doing other dangerous activities is to use a virtual machine.

A virtual machine is a program that you can set up on your computer that will allow you to use another operating system on top of the one that you are already using.

It will give you the same rights and abilities that using the host operating system gives you.

You can run programs and surf the web, all in an protected environment.

There are ways for hackers to get around this security blanket but they are very complicated and not widely distributed.

With software like this you can now run a Windows machine and if you feel an operation is not safe for that machine you can open up the VM and run it in Linux.


The most popular virtual machine that is out there right now is called VMWare.

This is the leader in the world of Virtual machines as of right now.

They give you a very good free version of their software that you can run indefinitely.

This is great when you already have a VM Image already set up.

If you want to create your own virtual machine then you will have to use the paid version of the software.


Other companies that are in the same space include Microsoft and several open source versions that are available on Linux and Windows.

The Microsoft version is called Virtual PC.

They also give away a free version that will allow you to run other operating systems.

There are several different variants of virtual machines on Linux.

The most popular being Xen and Virtual box (which also runs on Windows).

Also if you want to run a VM without a lot of hassle, there is a Linux distribution that is call Wubi.

It is sort of a virtual machine but instead of being a program that runs an operating system, it is itself the operating system.

You can install this on Windows just like any other program and when you open it up it will be running the Ubuntu distro of Linux.

This is also a very reliable way to keep your data secure from any dangerous operations.

I have given you several ways that you can keep your computer’s data secure from any unruly virus that might infect your computer.

If you have important files and you need to go the extra mile past antivirus then running a virtual machine is a good way to go.

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