How Can I Use A Remote Viewer To Keep My Aging Parents Safe And Secure On The Internet?

To younger people it may seem to them that the internet has been around for forever.

If you are twenty years old or younger it may be hard for you to remember a time when everyone was not on the internet but you have to remember that the popularity of the internet is a fairly recent phenomenon.

It is only about ten years since it became common that everyone had the internet in their homes.

Before that only the truly geeky, or people that had money, had their very own internet connection.

So now you have a generation of older people that are still new to the internet craze.

They like what they see but have no idea of how to protect themselves.

They do not see the virtual world as being something real that can harm them.

In real life they know that crooks exist but they disconnect from that when they are online and become very trusting.

They believe that if it is on the computer then it is reality.

If you have older parents there are ways that you can help keep them safe.

keep your parents safe with remote viewing

Remote Monitoring

One of the best ways that you can help keep your parents safe is to monitor their computer remotely.

This is mainly for people who have elderly parents as they are the ones most susceptible to getting scammed while they are online.

You can use a piece of software such as pcanywhere and help your parents out when they need it.

There is other software that does this job as well but pcanywhere is one of the most well known brands in the field.

You can make sure that their antivirus is always updated and you can check to see if it is running scans when it is supposed to.

You can also try to check to see who your parents communicate with while they are online.

Make sure that it is no-one that may try to take their money.

There are a lot of con men on the internet that will try to take advantage of elderly people.

They will use scams that try to pull at the heart strings of people.

Instead of pulling heart strings, the whole time they are stealing money from your parents.

Keeping tabs on who they talk to will help them avoid that fate.

Using a remote viewer to keep tabs on your parents may not give you the best feeling in the world.

You may feel like you are spying on them which is why you must ask permission before you install the software – just because they are elderly doesn’t mean that they do not have rights.

Get them to understand that it is strictly so that you can help them fix their computer.

Helping them stay out of trouble will keep everyone happy.

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  1. Gryffyn says:

    I use LogMeIn frequently to do maintenance on my grandparent’s two PCs as well as connect to my home and work PCs when I need to.

    In addition.. I haven’t used it in a while, but the media service, Orb, used to have a desktop app that would let you peek through your webcam remotely. Even had a feature to send you snapshots if it detected motion. Not sure the latest version has that feature, but there are clients for many types of computers, including cell phones, for these services.

    • Orb sounds interesting – I take it the recipient gets a message asking for permission before you can use their webcam for remote viewing do they?

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