How Can I Tell If My Proxy Server Or VPN Is Working As It Should?

If you wish to keep your real IP address relatively private then the simplest way of doing so is by using a proxy or VPN.

But how do you know whether the tool you are using is working as it should or not?

One way to find out is to use an Online Privacy Test from

proxified address

The first thing you will need to do here is make a note of your regular IP address or at least discover the IP address that your proxy or VPN is giving you. In my case I’m using CyberGhost VPN which has me connected with an IP of which suggests I’m in Germany rather than the UK 🙂


Now head over to and enter the code they give you before clicking on Start Test.

After a second or two you will see your results:

test result

As you can see, it has shown that my IP address is indeed seen as so +1 point to CyberGhost VPN.

Try using the program yourself to see if your proxy server or VPN is doing the job you’ve employed it for.

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