How Can I Stop People Snooping On My Online Sessions?

We all like to assume that we have absolute privacy when we surf the web but that, unfortunately, is not reality.

Yes, most of the time when we are on the internet, there is no-one paying attention to what we do – we can say and do whatever we like and no-one will probably know.

But that doesn’t mean that all of your online sessions are like this.


There are many ways that people are able to spy on you while you are online.

This is especially true if someone lives in close proximity to you.

If you are a person that values their privacy then you must be able to find a way to protect yourself while you are online.

To do this, you need the right software tools and the knowledge to know how someone might be able to spy on you.

Once you are equipped with these two things then you will be able to make sure that your web sessions are not exposed.

Man In The Middle Attack

If someone, such as a neighbor, has physical access to your network then they might be able to spy on your web session.

They are able to do this by what is called a man in the middle attack.

This means that they are able to pick up your data packets from the air and read it on their computer.

To stop this from happening you must be able to keep these people off of your network.

The easiest way to do this is to set the encryption layer of your network up so that they cannot get on easily.

Make sure that they encryption layer is set to WPA and not WEP – if the person knows how to do a man in the middle attack, they will know how to bypass a WEP security system – WPA is a lot more secure.


If you want to keep your web session secured from more than just your neighbors then you must prepare for online attacks as well.

There are ways that people can spy on your computer remotely and you must be prepared for them.

One of the main ways that they are able to do this is by through the use of a keylogger.

Keylogger software sits on the back of your computer and records every keystroke that you make.

It then sends it to a remote computer to be analyzed later.

To stop this kind of attack, make sure that your computer is running updated antivirus.

Keyloggers are for the most part delivered through Trojans and a good antivirus will be able to stop that.

Keeping your online privacy is important.

Protect your computer from both snooping neighbors and remote attacks as well by taking the right precautions.

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