How Can I Send Encrypted Emails On The Web?

Would you like to send encrypted emails over the internet?

Would you like to do it for free and without the need to download anything at all?

If so, Lockbin is the tool you may be looking for.


If you surf over to you’ll see that there is a Windows/Linux/Mac desktop app available, as well as a mobile app, but you can bypass all of these if you wish and just get on with sending a message right now (no account or any type of login required).

So… click on the Start Now button…

Lockbin test message

Here you can enter your email message by supplying the usual details along with a password of your choice.

Lockbin test message 2

When you’ve filled all of those details in and composed your message you’ll have to deal with a captcha and accept the Terms and Conditions of Use before clicking on the SUBMIT button in order to send your message.

message sent

A message submission notice will appear to confirm that your message has indeed been sent, along with the URL the recipient will be directed to when the message arrives their end.

message delivered

Whoever you sent your message to will then receive notification like I did (above).

Of course this is of no use to them if they don’t know the password you appended to your email so you’ll need to send that to them in a secure manner (if you can think of any!).

enter key

The recipient will then click on the URL in the message and enter the password which you communicated to them in an alternative and secure fashion.

reading message


They can now read your otherwise encrypted email message.

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  1. Very nice tutorial , i will give it a try 🙂

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